Höhenpark Killesberg

& it’s creepy flamingos

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Books read in 2012:


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Had you been my pal today….

Had you been my pal today we would have woken up bright and early at 9. After going back to sleep we would have really been out of bed at 10 because Aaron made us strawberry & (surprise) blackberry aebleskivers for breakfast, and we could smell them!
You politely ignore the flirty banter between me and Aaron (especially the part where he tossed the hot pad on the floor by my feet just so he could watch me pick it up in my new yoga pants) because you know that means we love each other.

Feather duster

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“I’m Julia Child”

I’m feeling wildly domestic all the sudden. I have The French Chef playing in the background as I sew on my big pile of mending. I’ve finished 4 pieces vs. the 5 I have left to go. Did I mention I love to sew by hand? I do.

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“Annie Get Your Gun”

It feels like the completion to an odd little circle to have Aaron in this play. When we were first married, in the apartment in Taylorsville I had some records that I inherited from various places. One record was a recording with Ethel Merman as Annie. I played it once as I was cleaning the apartment and absolutely fell in love with it. Ethel makes the best Annie. Of course when I fall in love with something Aaron falls in love with it as well. It has been a favorite of ours and the source of many comments, jokes and random bouts of singing.

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A favorite grass of mine.

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Joan you know the one with the Arc?

Google maps is pretty amazing. Looking at Portland you can see how different neighborhoods were planned. I came across this round about called Coe Circle as I zoomed in closer I discovered this huge gold statue.

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The Phloggings will continue until morale improves!

It really is my intention to keep phlogging. I think I’ve tried 3 different times to get it going and I’m fairly certain this time it will “take.”

(My favorite house in the Dalles. Found whilst walking with Hannah and Sofie my favorite Dallians.)

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Happiest girl in the world!

I really must be the happiest girl in the world. It has everything to do with my job.

012210 Corrugated Metal and Plastic 8

I’ve been without a job for about a year so I have pretty low expectations when it comes to employment. I have to say though that this job exceeds all my expectations.

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Mansfield Park

After just missing them (LDS Employment Services) yesterday it took a surprising amount of time for me to convince myself to go back there. I was hounded by Aaron to go and I was certain it was a waste of time for reasons I couldn’t articulate.

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