Wrong Card

Often when I ask patrons for their library card they will have to search through a stack of various cards in their wallet or purse before they come across the right one.

Tonight I was helping a man check out a book & he searched for his library card (see above) coming up with a white card that said, “Costco” instead of a while card saying “Washington County Cooperative Library Services.” Helpfully I said, “Almost!” Trying to be funny I added, “We are pretty much Costco.” The man smiled at my joke, & then he handed me the correct card & replied, “They have a better return policy.”

Happy Exchange Student Day (Part 2)

Exchange Student Day looks a lot like Christmas.

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Happy Exchange Student Day (Part 1)

For those of you stalking along at home….

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& 1.5 hours of my life

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To Wilhelma!

Wilhelma is where Thor hangs out on the weekends. 

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