International Nerds: Pig Museum

Eating pigs @ the Pig Museum

All in one day I explored the Stuttgart Zoo Wilhelma, saw a castle, had a delicious lunch & was disappointed by a villa. What more could this day possibly hold? How about some schweinshaxe (pig knuckle)?

A text from Aaron,”On my way to the room, I thought to myself ‘Germany is a lovely place.’ I’m glad we’re here.”


I referred to my trusty paper map & picked up the U4 subway line until I could transfer onto the U14 heading back to the hotel for a power nap. Power naps are perfect cures for things like jet lag & disappointing villas.    2015-04-23-97A-Nerd-dinner-SchlachthofAaron off doing his nerd thing texts me during my power nap, “We’re going for traditional Bavarian food for dinner.” No arguments from me. Eating pig in an old slaughterhouse, sign me up! Stuttgard Schlachthof (restaurant, cafe, biergarten & museum) was a long Mercedes taxi ride across town & through a tunnel, way fancier than the double decker tour bus ride I took earlier in the week. Remember how we had that authentic German-Italian dinner with the International Nerds & no one believed me about the Pig Museum & my scary pig pictures? Sadly the museum part was closed when we arrived, but no one doubted me about the Pig Museum, or any of my other wild Stuttgart stories (getting a Stuttgart Library Card) after that! Top picture above all the Nerds were very excited to take pictures of their authentic German pig knuckle (schweinshaxe). Lower picture above is Aaron’s dinner & he was very excited to eat the German classics schnitzel, spatzle & pork medallions. My dinner was something the translator app said was forest mushroom truffles with dumplings, obviously not exciting enough for a picture. I was wildly excited about getting a fancy pink drink for kids called the “Miss Piggy,” named after the famous Muppet. It was delicious. 2015-04-23-102A-Hykel-Nerd-dinner-Schlachthof-Miss-Piggy

We get a picture of all the International Nerds at dinner above right. Starting bottom left in the picture is Jonatan, Swedish works for Pelagicore, he more or less understands German & was helpful translating for the taxi driver (about the terrible traffic) on the way to dinner. Magnus, Swedish & a manager with JLR, to his left Paul W., British we met him last nerd dinner. Next is an Irish guy Tom Counihan, with Intel. Aaron the adorable American, across the table at the end is where I sat. The other Paul W. (met last time) British & Rudi (at dinner before) German. Juern-Jakob Harder from ADIT & then Ken (also again) American drinking it up in the bottom right of the picture. During dinner the Paul to my left made a comment that was completely sarcastic & then turned to me & said that I probably didn’t get sarcasm, because I’m American, which of course made me laugh. Me not get sarcasm? The nerds shared that earlier in the day the BMW people gave a little run down of their company history in a presentation & that at one point they mentioned a factory (without pointing any fingers) of theirs “blew up” in 1945. Then the British guys in the audience had piped up & in a sort of humorous way had said to the presenter, “sorry about that!” Apparently this had been met by some of the younger crowd with blank stares until it had to be spelled out that the factory hadn’t just “blew up” spontaneously, it had been blown up, in the war, the war everyone had been in on, in 1945.


Speaking of war, “Attack Soap! Attack!”

Halfway through dinner Rudy ordered another beer in German from the woman, who was probably a manager, (turns out she’s one of the owners) & she brought him one. He realized after taking a sip she’d brought him a different beer than his original order & immediately started arguing with her about it. Although I didn’t understand a word it was obvious that she was in complete denial that it was a different beer. It was hilarious to me to see them both arguing without either giving an inch, apparently the customer is never right. I don’t ever remember her bringing him another beer.

She was a total character, a large older German woman with her hair dyed a bright orange & bright red lips. As she passed me at the end of the table (as her way of ending the argument) she leaned over toward me & started saying something specifically to me in German. I would like to imagine it was something about us being women & women know best when it comes to beer. Maybe it was that we were kindred spirits since we are both beautiful women with orange hair, or maybe it was a conspiratorial elbow nudge about being a gorgeous woman at a table full of nerds. Since I couldn’t understand a word I get to make it all up.

The first picture is sarcastic, British Paul W. photo bombing us while Jonatan takes a lovely shot of the two of us in front of a gigantic pig. Hilarious night. I love teh International Nerds.

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