Mad Hatter Tea Party

Turns out I really enjoy dressing up.

March 17th 2014 is 170 years since the Relief Society was officially created. As a brief background, the original group of women simply saw a need in their local community & organized to fill it. The focus at that point was more of the physical welfare of the community, but that has broadened to also include increasing faith & righteousness, strengthening homes & families.

To commemorate that sort of selfless, long standing women’s organization they decided to have a Mad Hatter themed dinner. Hats were optional they said. My friend Jennifer on Sunday said no one HAD to wear a hat, because we’re all adults & nobody can tell us what to do. She said she would be there & wearing a hat, which decided it for me. I would be there & I would be wearing a hat. I could not decide between my strawberry hat, which I wear every year when we walk the Beaverton City Parade, or my steampunk hat with goggles & feathers.

As you can tell by the pictures I went steampunk. I decided to go all out, since half-donkeyed just wouldn’t do. I even wore my squid bracelet & octopus necklace for good measure. I totally rocked it! That didn’t stop me from feeling awkward at first since I’m not much for socializing. I came in just as everyone was sitting down for dinner & happily I ended up with Jennifer on my left (wearing her mickey mouse ears) & Susie on my right (sporting a stylish fedora). We were also lucky enough to have Jill, Shelly, Amy & another sister whose name escapes me, sitting at our table.

After delicious, surprisingly healthy food & dessert they showed a short video about the beginnings of the Relief Society & where we are now. When the lights came up they started giving away prizes, which I was unaware would be part of the evening. Best veil was the first prize they gave away, best pirate, best overall outfit. Then suddenly they had called my name! I freaking won a prize for best overall outfit! It was awesome. There was another prize after me, but I really have no idea what it was, hilarious!



My hard won prize!

The food was excellent, the company was even better. I totally enjoyed myself.


Pretty, Proud, Show

4 responses to “Mad Hatter Tea Party”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my gosh…I made the blog! I feel famous! You totally deserved the prize that night.

  2. Nat :) says:

    You look awesome! You did totally rock it and deserved the Best Outfit Prize! Also, a Mad Hatter theme…that is the BEST! (logged away for when I am in charge of RS activities) Awesome, thanks for sharing! :)

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