Speaking of Birthdays

Happy Birthday Bear!

I knew you couldn’t wait to see the inside of an escalator so I put that picture right at the top. You’re welcome. As for what Aaron is holding in his hand, it is nothing short of the most amazing (& expensive) box of strawberries dipped in chocolate. I hadn’t been much of a fan before, but eating these huge juicy strawberries with bits of dark chocolate has converted me to the faith. The Chocolate Dipped Strawberries is, as of this moment, a recognized religion.



That morning before he would even get out of his cute ‘lil jammers Bear opened his nerd gifts. Wreck-It-Ralph is a favorite of ours ever since we saw it in the auditorium theater of the Kennedy School McMenamins with Laurie. Now we have our very own copy. Transformers Fall of Cybertron was not my idea. Aaron loves it. He loves that it all takes place on Cybertron (the Transformer’ home world) & that you can be the good guys & then you can be the bad guys. Who doesn’t like that?


This is me cooking. Yes I actually do that. (When I have to.) Aaron asked for a chocolate cake (of course) with chocolate icing for his birthday. Since it’s a crime to force anyone to make their own birthday cake I had to do it or face criminal charges. There is a well known & frequently referenced joke in our family that goes, “some people cook with wine & drink it while they cook, I cook with milk & drink it while I whine.”


About once a year, either on a birthday or anniversary, we make the trek out to The Melting Pot. I like this location because it makes me feel like I’m going into a secret underground club. We went for all the courses, of course. The cheesy beginning, the hot-oil middle & the sweet chocolatey end. We are big chocolate fans. I absolutely love the stuffed mushrooms with their green goddess dip. (Drooling.) Aaron is all about the steak in the teriyaki & curry. Curriyaki as we like to call it. Chicken with sweet & sour is my dish, when I’m not stuffing myself with mushrooms.


After stuffing ourselves, (“stuff it yourself! I’m Julia Child.”) we went for a stroll around Portland. Portland is known as the City of Roses. You have the Portland Rose Festival (with the parade we love), the Rose City Rollers (women’s Roller Derby), the Portland Thorns (women’s professional soccer team.) There’s kind of a theme going here. During the Festival of Flowers (the FF as we call it) they had this “Tattoo Portland,” or a big cheesy tattoo made out of flowers on Pioneer Courthouse Square. Contrary to my face in the picture I thought it was awesome.


A view of some of the artsy stuff around a construction site. It was a beautiful walk & a fun day.

Happy Birthday Bear-Face!



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  1. Mom says:

    Loved it all! I want to go to the melting pot.

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