Terrible to terrific: a tantalizing trifecta

What to do with all those terrible books? Rip them up!

With my Mom’s birthday on the way I pedaled all around town on my little yellow & green bicycle to find things that she would enjoy. My first stop was Powell’s Books where I found the first book in a series called The Ladies’ No. 1 Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. A series I highly recommend because it’s an engaging mystery series without resorting to murders.

I am not a fan of murders.

2013-05-10-2-book-page-wrapping-tutorialOnce I had pedaled back home on my little yellow & green bike, I wrapped the book in brown paper from a handy paper bag. I got said paper bag from the grocery store when I forgot to take in my reusable bags. Apparently that’s a thing now. Then I mercilessly, but carefully, tore the pages from another book, one I do NOT recommend. In fact I do NOT recommend this particular book so much that I won’t even tell you the title or author because I don’t want you to go looking for it, which I’m sure you would, you’re stubborn like that.

2013-05-10-5-book-page-wrapping-tutorialI taped all the pages in various directions because the outer edges had yellowed, & the inner pages had that tear quality & I wanted to show off both. You are very welcome to wrap things all tidy & nice, because I know you’re all tidy & nice like that. Another day I stopped by the local Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe where I bought my Mom some chocolate covered nuts & I may or may not have ogled all the truffle pigs. (Truffle Pigs, Truffle Pigs, Truffle Pigs!)

2013-05-10-6-book-page-wrapping-tutorialThe last of my adorable present trifecta was a special trip to Sock Dreams for a pair of stripy socks to wear whilst eating the chocolates & enjoying the book. After wrapping all the items with book pages I also crumpled some pages to pad the wrapped items for shipping.

Did she like it? Did you like it? “The world will never know!”

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2 responses to “Terrible to terrific: a tantalizing trifecta”

  1. Kathie mom says:

    Thr world needs to know that I loved it tons! The book was fun, the wrapping was fun, the socks were fun and the chocolate covered nuts were gone way before the book was done! Delicious! Such a thoughtful package! <3 You're Birthday isn't long in coming!

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