The Pearl District Portland

Great for walking!


Normally you can find us driving all over the Portland area, but one day that all changed. One word: Gelato. Alottogelato to be specific. They are open until 10pm, which might as well be midnight to us. We saw it, wanted it, & got out of the car to have it. They had rose flavor for crying out loud. Side note: rose flavor is not as good as rose smell. Then of course that day the weather was uncharacteristically nice & so we walked while we ate.



Passing all the store fronts. Some store front designer had shattered these front windows in a safely artsy way.


This is what we would see walking around. Remember how I said I try to avoid taking pictures of flowers? This is why. I knew Portland was artsy, but this is not intentional. These are electric poles that have been so covered in fliers for various local hipster events that they’ve resorted to burning off the pages thus leaving this fantastic mostly-burned staple collage.


This shot gives you an idea of the inches of paper that have been stapled to this pole.

Today we took to the streets before 10pm so businesses were actually open. We had dinner at 23Hoyt, which is way too cool for us, but had such fantastic food we have to go back.


Yes piles of wood are the decor of choice. I was trying to make up for my backlit situation with a candle. Totally unhelpful, I just look a little more mysterious & sort of villainous  Aaron had the good side lighting-wise so he’s just mocking me with the candle.

First they brought us this amazing cauliflower sipping soup. Which is just given to everyone as a start. I had the spring risotto & a side of smashed yukon gold potatoes with chives & Aaron had the 23Hoyt burger of course. All of it was absolutely excellent. We must go back. Soon.

Note to Bear: Must go back to 23Hoyt soon.

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  1. Kathie mom says:

    I’ll go!

    • Hykel says:

      The list is just getting longer. We’ll never get through all of it, but we’ll give it a good try. 😉

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