Grandma’s books

& other finds.

I have a large project I’m working on involving books that I will be posting about shortly. Going through my books I’ve come across little hidden treasures. I’m wildly addicted to finding tiny bits of lost history. As much as I appreciate & use digital copies of books, they can never replace some things. The only copy of The Black Stallion I’ve ever read has this note from my Grandparents to my eldest sister Heidi given to her the year I was born. She was 10.


I’m assuming she is the one who wrote back, “I love it Gran ma,” as if it was an open letter that they could read. It is so cute the way the i & the t are hooked together, the way she changed marker colors with each word. Can you tell she grew up to be a graphic designer?

It turns out I have quite a few books with my sister Heidi’s name in the front cover, most of them are books about girls & horses.




I found this note in a copy of “Stand a Little Taller,” a book of inspirational quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley. Grandma Walker gave me that book for my mission to Brazil. I took it with me & translated most of the quotes into Portuguese, which I used for lunches with ward members. I love that she wrote, “All the time you are gone – we will pray for you.”  I’m sure she did.




This is a book I can’t manage to toss. It is one of three I have, which is actually part of a set of 4. It’s from 1969 & was printed for parents to teach their kids about sex. It makes me laugh. This is number 4 in the set & is just the glossary. I keep this book only because my brother Leigh wrote his name & my sister’s name above the little yellow man & woman. I assume he was the same person who drew a stick figure man wearing a fez in the front cover.





This is my copy of Sphere by Michael Crichton. I was partners with this guy (a science fiction nerd) in my English class who decided the two of us would read this book for our project. Apparently I didn’t disagree, although I did ink out all the foul language in the book as I read it.

Those are only a few of the things I found in some of the books. Once I found something I had to stop & shoot it, as time went on I had to stop myself from looking so that I could finish my project.





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3 responses to “Grandma’s books”

  1. Heidi says:

    Awwww…I LOVE seeing Grandma’s handwritten notes in books! I would always make sure she wrote something in them when she gave one to me. I agree with Jazmyne…I miss that aspect of actual books! I didn’t realize you had so many of MY books, Hykel! 🙂 Those Life Cycle books bring back weird memories! It’s funny that Leigh wrote in it.

  2. Kathie mom says:

    Family love!

  3. Hykel says:

    Jazmyne Walton: “This made me cry and smile all in one go. I’m sad I won’t get to see this handwriting in birthday cards anymore, but I love that these moments have been collected. I remember you telling me how at that gigantic book store how much you love getting books with little notes, names, and dates written in them.”

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