Dining Room Trees

AKA an artist left to her own devices.

Since you’ve had a preview of these before, I thought they deserved their own post.

The outside of our house was a fairly electric blue when we bought it, so we toned it down with cream all over & this redwood brown for the trim parts. We had at least a whole can of paint left over in the garage & I’ve been using it to paint the trim & doors IN the house ever since. A project that is still not complete. I got really tired of the straight-line painting that went along with trim & doors one day & I took a break. We have an odd corner in our dining room that we never use & can’t ever use for anything except as a place to shove odd stuff. Inspired by a picture I saw on the internet somewhere I freehanded these bare branch trees on the wall in pencil first & then went over them with paint almost entirely ignoring the pencil lines I’d drawn. *Sigh Yes I even rebel against myself & color outside my own lines.

Welcome to my world.

The tree on the left is my favorite.



My Mom sent me a package last year that was full of these brightly colored Faux Autumn Leaves or Feaves as we call them. (Leaves spelled with a “K”.) She may have done this because I’d sent her a package full of grass & moss from my yard. I hadn’t ever intended to decorate these painted trees, but I love the Fall so much that I had to tape all the leaves up there. With them on the very tips of the branches it seems like they are the very last leaves of Fall holding on┬ásurprisingly┬álong into the Winter months.

Christmas 2012 rolled around & instead of isolating all the Christmas decorations to one room, as I usually do, I “branched out” into the dining room with white paper snowflakes taped to the ceiling. Our neighbors the Stewarts gave us a big shiny red Christmas gift bag full of oranges. I cut up & re-used parts of the bag to wrap my best friend’s beaver Christmas presents, but I still had most of the bag left. Sitting there in the dining room at my computer I decided I’d cut up little Christmas ornaments for the dining room trees in funky shapes. I liked the simplicity & monochromatic-ness of it all more than I thought I would.

I am tempted to do something Spring-ish with the trees now considering all the success I’ve had thus far. Also because my daffodils are already at least two inches tall I’m feeling quite Spring-ish, but that topic is for another post.


There is a “secret” painted tree in our master bathroom, that normally only Aaron & I get to see, but as his adorable love notes gave you all a taste of it already I’ll just jump into the big reveal. I love how it comes off the window & leans into the mirror to admire it’s own lovely curling branches.



How would you decorate the trees for Spring?

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5 responses to “Dining Room Trees”

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  2. Mysti Q. says:

    Origami flowers and leaves? Make hand prints out of bright colored paint and hang them like new leaves?

  3. Kathie mom says:

    Hykel, I didn’t know you had decorated your lovely tree for Christmas. It looks so festive! My first thought for spring, of course was flowers. Then I thought of popcorn (didn’t like that idea). Baby leaves? Easter eggs? Fairies?
    Before reading all the blog I was trying to figure out the picture of the tree branch you have in the bathroom- thinking it was part of the dinning room. It didn’t make sense.
    Keep the creative juices flowing! HUGS

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