Thank you cards.

When was the last time you wrote one?

I bought this set of thank you cards to send out for the wedding gifts we received. I don’t know how I still have heaps of them after 5+ years of marriage, maybe I was expecting more presents. I have many cards still, but the white envelopes have disappeared.  I’m sure they will resurface again shoved in with yet another package of these thank you cards. I’m grateful I picked a generic, classy sort of style so I’m not sick of them after 5+ years, & they work for just about any thankful situation.


Over the years I’ve tried to be vigilant about thank you carding, so I’m sure many of you will recognize these cards, & you will probably be unsurprised when it arrives in your mailbox. You know who you are. Since I don’t have envelopes & I happened to have a thick, unused, unsolicited catalog from you-know-where, I figured I could just whip out some good old-fashioned hand made ones. I made a whole bunch of magazine envelopes that I took with me on my mission to Brazil way back in 2002. Did you get one of those?


I’m sure all of you have this same catalog unused & unsolicited from you-know-where so you could probably make identical envelopes. Then we could all be envelope twins!

Ah-hem. I picked pages that have the least amount of writing on them so it’s less confusing to the mail reading machines & postal workers. We’re going for cute here, not confusion. Also make sure that the magazine pages will cover your entire card, otherwise upgrade to Architectural Digest or Popular Photography or some other large page, pretty, printed magazine.

Make sure the nice side of the magazine page is face down when you start folding. You don’t need to tight-wrap your card, leave 1/8″ or so all the way around so your card has some breathing room, & people can open your envelope without destroying it or the card. Folding up the bottom first, then angle fold in the sides gives it the “real” envelope look. By the way, do you say envelope as ON-velope or do you say EN-velope? I have a sister that insists that it’s ON-velope. You know who you are.

Don’t overuse your clear tape or you’ll have to tack on more postage. Throw on your return address label, & the stamp first, since they are self sticking anyway. After that, you can find the right size & placement for the address. I used some random white card I found sitting around on my table. If you were Aaron though, I’m sure you would print it out on your fancy label making machine. It doesn’t have any ink it just burns the black or text areas & leaves the rest white. That little machine has turned out to be way more useful, especially around Christmas, than I ever thought it would be.

I ended up using large clear packing tape instead of that small clear tape because I could just tape it all up in one go. Using one large piece I taped over the address on the front & then all the way around on the back to hold the flap down. Then I rubbed all the air bubbles out & it leaves your pretty magazine picture shining through. Since I used just the one piece of tape there is still room to slide a letter opener (Does anyone even have those anymore?) a finger, or scissors in the side to open it up.

For Christmas Aaron & I made sure to jot down the gifts we received & who gave them to us in Evernote on our smart phones so that we wouldn’t forget anything when it came time to write thank you cards. I really do love Evernote though I use it for everything. It’s especially useful for shopping lists. I almost always have my phone on me so when I think of something we need (or a blogging idea, or a personal goal, or a song, or dinner idea, or anything I don’t want to forget) I can put it on the list right when I think of it. I have it on my computer & the two sync immediately so when I’m sitting at my computer I can write out the list easily on my keyboard & it’s there with me on my phone when I’m at the store. I’m sure I don’t use half the stuff they offer & it’s free.


I promise you it will make someone’s day if you sent them a thank you card in an envelope like this.

It would make MY day.

These are way prettier than all the bills & ads I normally get in the mail.


6 responses to “Thank you cards.”

  1. Kathie mom says:

    I GOT MINE IN THE MAIL TODAY! It was just as much fun as you intimated! It’s not too often we get personal mail anymore and something so pretty is especially nice. I’m glad you liked the Christmas box! I love you. mom
    PS EN-velope

  2. Aaron says:

    I received a few letters in envelopes (envel-ups) on my mission. It was the first time I’d ever seen such a thing and my mind was blown. There’s a lot of flexibility in what you can send through the USPS and it didn’t occur to me for a long time that there’s nothing really special about envelopes you buy at the store. They’re just folded pieces of paper.

    The label printer is really an indispensable tool. I’m really glad I bought it.

    • Hykel says:

      Just like boxes. I used to think boxes sent through the mail had to be boring brown, & then I realized you can wrap a box in wrapping paper, put clear packing tape all over it & it sends just fine as long as the address is large & legible. Now I do that all the time.
      I once sent a box of cereal to a guy on his mission. I had opened the bottom of the cereal & stuffed a whole bunch of “prizes” inside with the cereal, then sealed it all back up, wrapped it in pretty paper & covered it with clear packing tape.
      I used to be so creative.

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