Google Girls

Not as dirty as it sounds.

We moved to Oregon 4 years ago & since then my best friend moved to California & our dear friend bought a house in Utah. In June my underwater beaver stacking partner visited from California & now we’ve been Skyping regularly in the evenings after the kids are in bed. Now that we’ve got Utah in the mix we moved to the party to Google Hangout & we cause a raucous across three states weekly.

The last time we had a Google Girls night I found the disguises section. The horns, beard, mustache, eyeglasses & monocle may all have been added, but we each had our own goofy hats that night. I’ve moved my computer to different rooms of my house for new & interesting views, one of which was in front of my gigantic Christmas tree. Each time we have to show off the socks we’re wearing, & our husbands regularly “Skype Bomb” our hangouts.

To me the most memorable story so far was Jen’s first time skipping High School classes & how she ended up doing exactly what you shouldn’t when skipping class. Highlights include: harassing an old lady, hiding in a dark practice room, & going back to class. Maybe we can convince her to put that epic tale up on the internet somewhere & I’ll link you to it.

Reminiscing with Mysti is the best though. Especially retelling the story of the first time I went over to her house. Highlights include: Jumping on the bed, messing up her perfectly made sheets, & her sister thinking we’d dyed Mysti’s hair, but it was actually blood.

As for me I get to regale them with stories of Nerdery. Highlights include: Brazil Mission stories, How I Met Aaron & an embarrassing moment in High School involving a dryer sheet.


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