32 days until I’m 32

Today is Day 1 (and boy did it start with a bang)

I think when I turned 30 something magical happend. I think I started to become (little by little) less selfish. That really sounds so odd coming from me. I had a big 30 birthday all for me and everything I wanted to do and I suddenly didn’t need my birthdays to be all about me anymore. By my 31st birthday I still hadn’t figured it out. Then I saw this post from Heather (who saw this post from Robyn) who had decided to do a small act of kindness every day leading up to her birthday. I LOVED following along and immediately I knew I was going to do that for my birthday. I have LITERALLY been counting up the days, until I can count down the days until my birthday.

I volunteered to walk the City parade for the Library and hand out books to the kids along the route.  I also conned this handsome gentleman to help as well.

We had way too much fun and hilarity. (We have several videos which I might be persuaded to post.) This is only the second parade that I’ve been in, but it was Aaron’s 4th. He was a marching band nerd. In fact, I think the highlight for him was when the Aloha High School Marching Band took up position right behind us. I smiled the whole time so hard that my cheeks hurt afterward. The kids were so grateful, some by the prompting of parents, but many on their own were just so quick to say “thank you.” Because we were two of the few adult volunteers we were at the back handing out the older kid books so I got to hear a lot of the reactions. Kids asking their parents if they could actually keep the book or if they had to return it to the library. Lots of  kids said, “Cool!” Many parents said, “Wow! They’re handing out books.” Some guy said, “You should hand out those tote bags.”

After the first block I think I realized I needed something to say back. I started waving my hand full of books and in an almost Santa Claus sort of booming voice I said, “Come to the Library!” (Ho ho ho!) Looking back I think it sounded like I was inviting them all to the after-parade party. Which might have turned out to be more true than I realized at the time. Maybe everyone really did go to the Library after, seeing as the parade ended a couple of blocks away from the Library and the biggest crowds were right in front of it. Did any of you make it to the After-Parade Party? How was it? Did you find any good books?

I thought I would also like to invite all of you to join me in doing your own random acts of kindness. Leave a comment letting me know what you did, I’d love to hear about all your kind adventures.

32 Days

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  3. Aaron Eiche says:

    While walking in the parade, I came up with the thought “Hey, I’m Libro-Claus”

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