I hope people say “twenty-ten” and not “two thousand ten.” I also hope I mange to acquire and keep positive gainful employment this year. I have some massive bitterness when it comes to jobs. I called up LDS Employment Services (Mostly in an attempt to prove  wrong.) and this guy in the course of our conversation said “When you come in we can talk over your Employment Interests and Aspirations.” I wrote that down because I needed to remember to find some Interests and Aspirations. I’m to the point where I don’t know what interests me anymore.
As for resolutions I’ve got the usual going. Perfection is at the top of the list closely followed by gorgeous-ness and wealth. Other than that I’m going to try to do fewer things that require apologies afterward.
I am going to post pictures though. Enjoy!
These are the Steampunk Goggles   made me for Christmas. They are by far the coolest Christmas present I got this year.

I am very much in love with Antique Brass Bees now.

I also have to mention that we had a really excellent New Years Day. Midnight was celebrated just the two of us laying in bed listening to fireworks, followed in the morning by a sunny walk to the Plaid Pantry for some eggs to make a German Pancake. After that we snuggled on the couch together and Aaron played with my hair. We talked about one of our first dates how he played with my hair for hours one night. I love that. We laughed a lot today.


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  3. skeets says:

    Those goggles are amazing!

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