Broken Glass

I’m pretty sure my Mom gave it to me, but I didn’t tell Aaron that. I didn’t really want to get upset about it. Rowan had pulled it out of the “giveaway” cupboard near the front door & I was giving him a chance to put it back. Instead he accidentally hit it on the living room step as he was going down it & shattered the glass. We spent the next half an hour cleaning it up trying to make sure there was no glass left to imbed in someone’s foot.

It was in the cupboard to give away, so I’m not upset about it. (Right?) It was a beautiful yellow flower between two panes of glass in a sleek metal frame on the diagonal. It was beautiful & I had been ready to have it be beautiful for someone else.

At nap time I had to change Rowan’s sheet & mattress cover because he had peed through his pjs the night before. As I made the changes he grabbed his blanket & pacifier & sat in the rocking chair. I think he was very ready to sleep. We went to both Story Times today & then Aaron was coming home, so I was going to let him see Rowan before his nap.

Tonight Aaron cleaned the kitchen & gave Rowan his bath. When he was all ready for bed Aaron let Rowan come in to say goodnight to me. Rowan climbs up on the bed in his adorable blue striped pjs with the glow in the dark dino on the front & his curly wet hair & we snuggle up & sit close & flip through the books I’m reading. Aaron comes in eventually & at some point Rowan goes into his room & gets his blankets & pacifier & then climbs back up into bed with us. It was so cute. I loved it. I didn’t think I would ever love a little kid climbing into our bed with us, but I do. It was delightful. He’s a great kid.

Aaron made an oven mitt into a puppet & made it sing the Christmas songs that were playing. It was so hilarious. I laughed so hard. He is delightful. He is also very stressed out with work pressure (they threatened to take away people’s vacation time). He’s stressed out with school, the dreaded group assignments. He’s stressed out because it’s a holiday eve & he is trying to make some gluten free baked goods for people, when he’d really rather not worry about it. Apparently Aaron vacuums with the cord over his shoulder, I never noticed.

Also we’re having Thanksgiving dinner at 12:30 for crying out loud.

I don’t know how to get to bed before 12, or even 1 anymore.

Day 27


This day went by rather quickly. It was all the things we did I’m sure.

It started with Rowan’s flu shot at 9:45, so it was getting out the door earlier than normal. We came back home & I actually got breakfast, so that was nice.

We went to the Beaverton Library Stay & Play, which we don’t normally do on Tuesdays because we’re normally hanging out with Charlotte & Ezra, but they are in California for the week. I would rather have hung out with them. Rowan was being very grabby for his favorite toys & no one seemed very cooperative or interactive, which is sad. You can really only do that with practice, but if no one is willing to practice….?

Next it was picking up Aaron in Portland for lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ out by IKEA. We had some things we wanted to pick up there & I figured the middle of the day would be best traffic wise & for crowds. We spend a long time there & I was cranky. We didn’t leave until at least 2:30. Rowan seemed fine, but I needed a nap.

Annoyingly when I got home & was doing some quick research about leg plates for attaching legs to furniture I found some legs I liked better than the ones we spent so much time to find at IKEA. I had previously checked Amazon & the Home Depot & everything. I figure I need a 7″ leg to get the restaurant bench up to the height of our bar height table because I want it in the dining room now. I bought 7″ legs from IKEA, but they are tapered, round leg in natural oak color, that’s what they had, that was near enough & I was frustrated. The ones on Amazon are tapered, square & a dark brown, which will go much better with all the furniture we already have. The table, the peacock chairs, the buffet. The amazon legs are either 5″, 6″ or 8″ of course. I went for the 6″ & then got the 5″ for the long white IKEA couch we have. I still prefer that couch to any other & it has the basic silver legs that are 4 & 3/8″. Having the couch slightly taller would be nice I think.

At home I fed Rowan & put him to bed at 3:50ish & I figured he’d have like an hour to sleep & then I’d have to wake him up, so he would sleep tonight. I set my alarm for 5:10PM & when it went off I pretty much said, “Oh Haytch NO!” & went back to sleep until 6. I’m still recovering from my cold & the whole front of my face felt super stuffy all day. We had two hours of sleep & I think we were both happier.

Aaron was home shortly after that & it was hilarious amounts of Christmas music as he attempted to cheer me up. It’s overwhelming to come up with dinner, when all I feel is the pressure to eat a certain way, which is both time consuming & probably involves items I don’t have. We really needed to go grocery shopping, we were at the end of everything. He made us crepes & they were delicious.

I’m frustrated that my clothes don’t fit so well anymore & I’ve got these little bulges everywhere now. I can’t get myself to start eating differently & I can’t. I want to simply “accept” myself & I can’t. We started the Keto stuff a year ago & look where we are, still unacceptable. I can’t do Whole30 stuff because I really cannot give up milk anymore & then that leads into the “might as well” have cheese & then the “today was rough” have some chocolate chips & peanuts. I don’t have time to go to the gym. Over the past year it has taken 6+ encounters with THPRD staff to get my account straightened out & login set up online. 6+ & a year! I want to pay them money for classes, after already paying taxes for this parks system to work. Figure it out! Anyway that is literally just set up as of yesterday & I with no time for anything more than seeing that the login works. I don’t have time to search for classes for myself or Rowan, let alone pay for them & then attend. I am trying so hard to get to the point of having the premium membership where I get up to 2 hours of childcare at Conestoga Rec center. Now I have to work up to Rowan being ok to be without me or Aaron for more than 5 minutes. Ok I really can’t rant about this anymore.

Food, eating, making food, eating it, cleaning up after it all stresses me out. Picking out clothes from my closet, or at the store, putting them on, putting them away stresses me out. There are these impossible expectations I have in my head & there are times they overwhelm me.

At 9 I went over to Charlotte, Ofir & Ezra’s place to check on their kitties Oreo & Lucy. I didn’t expect to see Lucy, but she came down & was actually very friendly. Not like Oreo friendly, but I got to pet her & she meowed. Oreo almost immediately pounced on me when I came in the door & started purring when I started petting. It was a delightful stress relief to pet those kitties & have them so happy to see me. I really do enjoy other people’s pets heaps.

After that I went to the grocery store even though I was in my pj pants & it wasn’t my intention when I left the house. It had to be done & I’m the one who can do it quickest. It took forever. We needed a lot of things & I couldn’t find some things. I was done just before they closed for the night, which is almost always how I do the shopping nowadays.

Getting home it’s putting away groceries (with Aaron) & then tidying up the books & toys because honestly if I wake up to a disaster it makes the whole day feel like crack from the beginning. Turns out there was still laundry in the dryer & a couple of things that were wet & didn’t get hung up, so I had to rewash those & I might as well throw in the few things we’ve dirties in the past day.

As of now it is 12:41 & I am trying to do a “quick” post as evidenced by the title. This is how life goes.

Day 26

Columbia River Gorge Model Railroad Club


Sometime last year I watched an Episode of Oregon field guide & they had a segment all about the Columbia River Gorge Model Railroad Club. Watch it here. (Starting at minute 20.) The Club has a website with some great video.

It was super interesting & since we enjoyed Miniature World in Victoria, BC so much I put their show dates in the calendar for the next year. (Saturdays & Sundays, November 2019)

The year rolls by & I have a Saturday morning free, which is unusual so I pack up the family for a “surprise” adventure over in East Portland. As soon as we got out of the car it starting raining big drops & we stood outside in line for 10 minutes or so in it. It was the morning of the very first show of the year & it was pretty packed, although everyone was kind & polite.

We slowly made our way around the beautiful scenes & they were very well done & detailed. The things I liked a lot (some of them) were, the hot air balloon, the painting of Mount Hood, the TARDIS & the Daleks, the drive in movie playing actual movies, the lumber mill, the trolleys & the tiny Made in Oregon sign. They even took 5 minutes or so to turn everything into a nighttime scene, dimming the lights slowly & changing the colors. The tiny old fashioned cars were delightful. You would have to enjoy it all in person, hopefully with less of a crowd.

The club has been around since 1947.

Day 9

Closed Restaurants

Not a comprehensive list of closures in no particular order, enjoy!

First tragedy: TGIFridays

Tara (formerly Williams) Toraya took me to my first TGIFridays in Utah just off 106th South by South Town Mall. I fell in love with the Jack Daniel’s steak sauce & as Aaron & I started dating we went there regularly. A few years ago on his birthday Aaron wanted steak & we headed over to the location nearest to us here in Oregon just outside Washington Square Mall. We saw the sign on the door & it had closed in September 2009. The last time we went to a TGI Fridays was in Louisiana & it was not a good experience. The server joked about shanking, to us. Ironically the location has finally been bulldozed & is becoming a Jaguar Land Rover dealership.

A few years ago Aaron’s work, where he was incredible unhappy took all the employees to Hall Street Grill for their Christmas party. I tried to make an effort, but it was painfully obvious that we had no intention of being with the company even until the next Christmas party. Aaron loved the steak there. We had intended to go back on our own, but driving past it one day there was a closed sign. Nothing has taken over the building since & it’s been at least 3+ years at this point. Closed February 2017.

Ruby Tuesday’s was a gem we found in South Beaverton right on the pond. Aaron often went for the steak & I actually enjoyed their “Garden Bar”, but really we went for the cheese biscuits. I was also a big fan of their grilled zucchini & mashed potatoes. We took Aaron’s parents & his cousin there once & shortly after that it closed in August 2016.

Bridgeport Brewpub became a favorite after years of Tuesday evening date nights & Aaron getting his lunch there often. It was only a couple of blocks from his work, easy walking distance. Aaron would go for their mac & cheese, which came in it’s own cast iron pan with little bits of crispy, delicious cheese around the edges. I will mention he frequently had to send it back to the kitchen because even with the edges bubbling & crispy, the middle was often cold.

Chevy’s was one of our favorite places. We’d go there once a month. I loved their table side guacamole & their fajita chicken salad, which they originally made table side as well. The best part of that salad was the Apple Chipotle vinaigrette, I would always take home extras of that. Over time Aaron tried it & loved it also, he would end up ordering his own side of it. Normally he would go for the steak nachos. For the longest time we would go to the Chevy’s in Tanasborne. One night we decided to go to the Chevy’s in Lake Oswego & as I routed us there it said they were permanently closed. We didn’t believe it & drove all the way out there to see it dark & empty. I really am genuinely sad about this one, because the food was great & we went there often.

Henry’s Tavern: The Ultimate Tragedy

I legitimately cried over this one. We had taken piles of friends & family to this place over the years. It was in a delightful old brick building & they served Gorgonzola Cheese fries. Aaron actually loved those, amazingly enough. When we first started going there Aaron would get their mac & cheese, & I tried their bangers & mash, but regretted it. I fell solidly into their Pear Walnut & Prosciutto salad. Sliced pears, pickled peppers, goat cheese, prosciutto, thickly shaved parmesan, candied walnuts, red onion, over shredded romaine, arugula with basil & a jalapeño-pear vinaigrette that was perfect. Dessert, which we only had room for a couple of times, was their ice cream sandwiches made in house. The cookies were still soft & the ice cream was firm, delicious. We had parked our car & walked up to the front entrance for our spontaneous lunch date & it was only when Aaron pulled on the door handle & it was locked, did we realize anything was wrong. Closed September 2019.

Life List *updated 2019

A few years ago in 2013 I posted a Life List (which I had originally created the year before) & since then the years have rolled on, all 6 of them. I’ve accomplished many of the things I listed & many have turned out to be silly, & such silliness/accomplishments calls for an update.

*I have to point out that my birthday is in less than 2 months & A-Aron needs some inspiration on my birthday surprise.

I’ve included the official, updated, new & improved, pretty Life List 2019 first & then the crazy edited/snarky commented version (for fun) down below.

  • Visit a pile of US States (Alaska & Montana)
  • Bike ride in Glacier National Park
  • Piano Lessons for 6 months
  • Horseback ride
  • Snorkel in a tropical paradise
  • Climb Kings Peak in Utah
  • Tour Timpanogos Cave
  • Take a long distance train ride
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Complete a 365 project
  • Own a motorcycle
  • Visit Denmark
  • Go whale watching
  • Sleep in a treehouse that I built

In all I’ve accomplished 24 of the 60 original list. I kept or modified 14 of the remaining 36.

  2. Learn to play all hymns on piano LEARN TO PLAY SOMETHING ON THE PIANO
  3. Hike through a Brazilian jungle to a secluded beach *July 2003
  5. Zip line through a forest *October 2012
  6. Horseback ride COULD BE FUN?
  7. Donkey ride in Grand Canyon NOPE.
  9. Snorkel OK
  11. Ride a Camel *September 2012
  12. Rock climbing on faux wall I DON’T REALLY THINK THIS IS GOING TO WORK
  13. Rock climbing on real rocks I THINK I JUST MEAN BOULDERING & I’VE DONE THAT, LOTS
  14. Fluent in Portuguese * August 2003
  17. Current passport 2015
  19. Tour Timpanogos Cave SURE THING. I LIKE CAVES.
  20. Visit South Africa PROBABLY NOT
  21. Visit Australia (& New Zealand) I DOUBT I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN
  22. African Safari MY WHITE PEOPLE DREAM
  23. Blacksmith  May 2013
  26. 5k every year for 5 years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 YAY! I AM LEGITIMATELY PROUD THAT I DID THIS
  27. 1/2 mile swim, bike 12 miles, run 5k-individually and then together (triathlon) & THIS IS WHERE I STOPPED EDITING FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH
  28. Hike a peak to see a sunrise *June 2001
  29. Attend a ball wearing a ball gown I DON’T THINK I’D ACTUALLY ENJOY THIS
  30. Take a long distance train ride YES!
  31. Volunteer at the Library *April 2012
  32. Ride a hot air balloon  *September 2013
  33. Bachelor’s Degree YES!
  34. Complete a 365 project YES PLEASE!
  35. Service countdown to my birthday * September/October 2012
  36. Own a motorcycle CAN’T GIVE UP ON THIS ONE YET.
  37. Visit Denmark (Find graves of ancestors) YET ANOTHER VACATION DESTINATION
  38. Serve a full time LDS mission *February 2002-September 2003 
  39. Have & maintain a working home library *January 2018
  41. Buy a house * September 2009 SUPER PROUD OF THIS, SUCH A GOOD INVESTMENT
  42. Become a mother *January 2018 I DID IT! BEST KID EVER.
  43. Learn to play the guitar PROBABLY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN
  44. Play the guitar & sing sitting by a campfire PLEASE LET’S NOT
  45. Learn to ride a motorcycle *October 2010
  46. Visit Canada *November 2015
  47. Drive a wave-runner *August 2004
  48. Go Berry picking *August 2013
  49. Dye my hair blonde *2011
  50. Dye my hair black *2010
  51. Pet a dolphin NAH THANKS ANYWAY
  52. Donate my hair for cancer patient wigs *October 2012
  53. Go whale watching FROM THE SHORE?
  54. Sleep in a treehouse (that you built) YES, I CAN SEE THE APPEAL
  55. Host 50 “fancy” dinner parties FANCY? HOW ABOUT JUST HAVE PEOPLE OVER
  56. Learn to play the stand up bass like you wanted to in 6th grade AGAIN, NO.
  58. Ski lessons REALLY NO
  59. Stay in a yurt * April 2014
  60. Watch in person or be on The Price is Right *October 2017