Q Day 37

I spent the first hour of the morning inviting everyone I could think of to live stream the Beaverton Library Toddler Story Time with us.

I sent out the link to a pile of people & hoped for the best. I wanted our Little Chap to see everyone (I wanted to see everyone) & stay more engaged, but he started playing with his own toys out about 10 minutes into it. The songs with actions help him the most.

I’m happy to say that nearly all the people I invited showed up. Charlotte & Ezra, Misty, Debra, & (forgive me for saying so) best of all Sage & Willow. It was lovely to see their cute faces, it was nice to see everyone’s faces. 

I also spotted my Murray Scholls co-worker Tammy Malloy & her daughter Piper were in the video chat as well. MacKenzie Ross led the Story Time & Jess Miele was her backup, so I got to see three co-workers today. That was really great.

We waited for Aaron to be done with work (in his hall office) & then we all went on a walk together in the neighborhood. We went West of Davies & then up around Yearling to get back home, that is an area we haven’t really explored a lot in the past. Pretty soon we’ll know every street within a 3 mile radius. I got this shot of our house as we started our walk & seeing it from this angle tonight I suddenly realized how much I love our home. 

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