Q Day 32

Aaron went out to the store this morning & that is noteworthy now.

He managed to get us both toilet paper & paper towels, things I had been stressing the most about running out of during this time. Without paper towels how would I cook bacon in the microwave? (Privilege!) Without toilet paper how would I wipe my bee-hind? (Middle class privilege!) 

I always want to spell privilege with a “d” & an “a” in there like this: Privaledge. Like it’s some sort of a private ledge combination. I guess in some ways it is, a private ledge for all us white middle class folks to jump off. Too soon?

Fortunately its been sunny all week & I spent the lovely morning out on the deck with our Little Chap. Pushing brooms around & laying on Pandas, it was delightful. The lack of traffic (not that there is a pile, but usually there’s more) on the road behind our house makes me feel like I’m on my own quiet tiny island with my family. We really haven’t seen other people, except at a distance, or in cars, like small boats in this ocean of quarantine. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about how many strangers I see normally in my every day life & how normal that is for me, normally. Now I feel like most of my strangers have fallen off the planet & I’m left only seeing the people I know. 

We did another daily walk out to the Pirates of the Caribbean yard. It turned out to be much more like D*isneyland than I wanted. First there was a couple already hanging out there looking for the Hidden Mickeys (we’re up to a total of 16 from the original 9), then a random person from the neighborhood walks up & starts talking to them. Turns out they actually know each other, so instead of looking at the cool yard display they are just standing exactly in the middle talking loudly to each other. Aaron ended up on the far side of them making LC & I stuck on the other side for several annoying minutes. You couldn’t even hear the cool audio the guy had added since the last time. Worst (& most accurate) D*sneyland experience ever. 

I love LC in those early 90’s florescent shorts. That outfit was purchased especially for our trip to Florida. That magical trip we were supposed to take in March. That sunny vacation that we didn’t go on because it was the week that the whole country shut down. The very same break that included the most amazing AirBnB with the most thoughtful & generous hosts. They bought a PackNPlay for us, no joke. Their place was across the street from the ocean & less than 15 minutes from the beachside wedding venue. I think of all those things & more every time I see my kid in those adorable clothes. 

Along with everyone else we’ve been making the D*sney Dole Whip Dessert with various forms of pineapple & vanilla ice cream. Tonight somehow this piece of plastic, from when I was making LC’s bowtie, ended up in my bowl of ice cream. Part of the recipe indicates that you should use a blender to whip the ingredients together. We used our food processor & it made me panic to think that maybe I’d found the large piece of plastic, but the rest of it may have been blended up so tiny I didn’t notice them as I ate my Delicious Dairy Dessert. I freaked out for the next hour, which sadly overlapped a live video game night with friends. 

Fortunately with friends I warmed up & won the heck out of the first game we played. I mean seriously look at my score!

Of course I’m competitive, I am proudly the youngest of 6. It was 4 of us friends playing a pile of games using both our individual phones & the live video feed. It was super entertaining, it makes me want to play those games with everyone I know. We used Discord & it’s icon (pictured below, on the right hand side of the picture) looks exactly like Mickey Mouse’s pants. Just the pants with the classic two buttons. D*sney is everywhere. 

I just had to include this at the end. I mean I really was amazing that one time. Completely Crown-worthy. 

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