Q Day 31

Video chatting with friends is saving my soul.

It was the usual morning with Aaron & I switching off who gets up at 8 with our Little Chap & who gets to sleep in. It is a lovely change from having to get up either way because Aaron is headed off to work. I will miss this when he has to go back to a schedule on Monday. We only have one more day left with so few obligations, & yet our biggest obligation is to stay at home. 

Banana oatmeal for our LC, Rice Krispies for Aaron & I have my pan fried hazelnuts & an apple, banana, & dates. 

We all get dressed & I showered in the morning for once in my Quarantine Life. Out the door for our daily walk with a plan to 6 foot visit our friends Matt, Jenny & Cambria Davis, who live just a mile from us. Ironically as we’re standing back from their door after knocking we hear the garage door open & their car backing out, like they were trying to avoid us. It was a hilarious coincidence that they didn’t hear us at the door & were headed out to run errands. It was really nice to see our friends in person even if it was only for a couple of minutes.

We walked more than 3 miles again in the delightful Spring sunshine smelling all the blossoms on the way, especially the lilacs. We saw the strange bunny-squirrel running around, which is really just a squirrel without a tail that makes it look surprisingly bunny-like. LC loved running full tilt on the downhills pushing the stroller & then demanding to sit in the stroller (with snacks) to be pushed on all the uphills. He’s become very good at pushing the stroller to a stop on the street corners & waiting for us to hold his hands to cross the street. His newest words are Bubba, Grandpa, (Papa) & tortilla. Honestly tortilla makes me the most proud of him. 

I got more than two hours with my friend Laurie Evans all to myself. When we hang out in person I sometimes have to share her with Aaron, but not on video chat. Covid forbid I share friends with my husband. We talked tv shows, books, podcasts, coping strategies, stresses, depression, body image, work & ferrets. Hilarious & fun, it made me feel human again, normal again, friendly again. It made my day & made me want to video hangout with other people in my life. Anyone want to do video hang out?

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