Q Day 30

That moment when you realize you’ve been spelling “quarantine” wrong for a solid month now.

Most of the early part of this morning I was frantically trying to make shaker eggs out of the leftover plastic Easter eggs. I swear last week in story time they had suggested we make our own shaker eggs because they were going to use them this week. They said you could even take a paper plate folded in half with dry beans inside & staple it shut to make a shaker for your kid. I had one better for my Little Chap. I had colorful plastic Easter eggs & dried corn, rice & pop can tabs to put in them. I hot glued them shut with 10 minutes to spare & basked in the inordinate amount of pride I had in my parental accomplishment.

They didn’t use them. They didn’t even mention shakers the entire story time. LC still enjoyed seeing all the kids & doing all the actions & dancing to the songs as we sang them. 

The next 15 minutes was getting LC shoes on & getting all of us out the door for our daily morning walk. We did more than an hour & 3.2 miles. I really enjoyed it because we got to explore a new area we haven’t walked before around a middle school. That’s where we got the delightful surprise (pictured above) next to the locked port o’ potties. A Little Lending Library! We really can’t resist those & there are piles of them everywhere in Beaverton. 

Ever since we came across that impressive Pirates of the Caribbean set up in the neighborhood Aaron has been brainstorming his own yard set up. To restore people’s faith in humanity, or to give people something to smile about, or save the world or whatever. He’s wanted to do a yard thing for Christmas for quite some time, but other projects & parties always get in the way during that time of year. Spoiler alert? He’s settled on something along the lines of the Mad Tea Party ride. Blinking lights, lanterns, teapots pouring, cups & saucers dancing (it gets bigger with each retelling). We’ve narrowed it down to things we currently have at home, so that 1- we can avoid buying anything because shipping & shopping are a mess, 2- actually accomplish the project before Aaron goes back to work & school. It will be delightful to see.

We’ll keep you updated on those shenanigans. (I always want to spell is SCHEE-nanigans.)


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