Q Day 19

After a phone call yesterday, texting & a picture of our Little Chap’s injury, Dr. Crocker asked that we bring him into the office. 

It was strange to have only one other car in the parking lot with us, even knowing that it is a Saturday. Although it doesn’t feel like Saturday, every day feels the same. Both Aaron & I put on face masks & blue gloves that we inherited from Aaron’s Dad, before we entered the building. Taking LC up in the elevator I could tell he was nervous & he was holding much closer to me than he normally does. Dr. Crocker kept her distance as much as she could & had us fill out a single page of information on LC & any allergies he might have. I saw the two face masks she had set out for us on the counter. I was touched & that seems so strange over medical masks, but they are in such short supply right now & it felt so kind at the time.

Dr. Crocker explained how the exam would go & informed us that her office had been closed for the past two weeks, so we were not at risk of catching the virus from there. 

We went back to the last exam bay & I sat in the nearest regular chair with Aaron was at my left arm. LC was in my lap facing me with his legs on either side of me. Dr. Crocker sat knee to knee with me & had me lay LC’s head in her lap. He was not thrilled. I asked Aaron to sing a song for LC & he started in on Baby Beluga, but suddenly neither he nor Dr. Crocker could think of the words. 

I hate holding my LC down. I am so over it. I know there is no way we can sufficiently explain this situation to him at his age & even with an explanation anyone in that amount of mouth pain would have problems holding still. 

How unfairly we treat children. If an adult had smashed their face & their front teeth were pushed up into their gums this would be an entirely different story. We would not simply hold them down with no pain reliever during an exam. (We had given LC Tylenol earlier, but that seems like nothing.)

We got the call from Dr. Crocker to come into the office while we were on our walk so all of this was happening right before nap time. After she finished the exam I held LC close & he fell immediately asleep in my arms as we talked to her about her findings. 

Dr. Crocker answered all our questions & concerns kindly & said that LC’s adjoining teeth were still firm, which was a very good sign that he hadn’t cracked the bone. She gave us a prescription for antibiotics & asked us to watch him closely for any strange swelling up toward his eye. 

With the prescription for antibiotics I’m feeling more confident that LC only needs time & not stitches. Thank heavens we haven’t had to go to the emergency room, that is the last place I want all of us to end up right now.

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