Q Day 17

The hard thing about today, was everything? I guess. 

I actually thought it started pretty well without anyone peeing through their pjs or sheets. Although some sort of a meltdown happened halfway through oatmeal (without bananas today). Our Little Chap, who already had plenty of oatmeal on his face, took two fists full of oatmeal & rubbed them directly into his eyes & then straight down his face. He immediately reached out his oatmeal covered hands to me crying for me to comfort him, tears in his oatmeal eyes. I did hesitate for one moment & then I didn’t care in the least about him covering me in oatmeal too. Hoodies can be washed, I didn’t want to leave him hanging emotionally when he needed me. Oatmeal is impossible to clean off in that quantity, so I took him directly into the bathroom, for a quick bath. I tossed our oatmeal clothes straight into the wash (the first of many loads of laundry today) & I included some other dirty clothes since we had them. 

I do finally get my own breakfast just before 11, that is just about the time Aaron comes out of the office after a worldwide work meeting. Said meeting was super stressful, but he said he still has a job, for now. 

I work hard to move the laundry along, do some towel laundry & load the dishwasher all while LC is starting little fires everywhere all over the house with everything. 

I finally find a moment later & I lay down on the couch. Aaron comes out again not even a minute after I’m down & starts talking about lunch, because he’s hungry. I wanted to get a walk in before LC’s nap since it was lovely & sunny out & we need to get out.

I was tired & I decided the three of us could do the walk after we ate. I really didn’t want Red Robin. I’m so over Red Robin. But really what does it matter? Food is food is food lately.

We head out for the walk while I’m being cranking in my own brain. Then suddenly I’ve had it & I crack. LC & Aaron walk one way & I walk another. I didn’t think Aaron would continue in his own direction, but he did. From there it was an annoyingly argument for the next 30 minutes knowing everyone was in their houses right then hearing it, until we finally got home. 

I went to bed & had a wildly long nap. I got up & went to the kitchen. LC was there climbing on a dining room chair & I told him to sit down, which he did a half sit. The next thing he did was tip it over & land straight on his face. He bled immediately & then it was a whole pile of blood. I tried at first briefly to keep it off me & then I realized how little I cared if his blood covered me. I wanted to be there for him I wanted him to feel comforted. After more than an hour trying to get LC to take pain reliever & then trying to get him to put something cold on it, we did get him to calm down. As I was changing his diaper later on I could see he’d actually shoved his two front teeth right back up into his gums, making me sick & cringey (even now). Aaron called our dentist Dr. Crocker & then texted with her & shared the terrible picture I’ve included. 

LC face has swollen right up & he hardly looks like himself. His teeth should settle back down into place & we will watch out for a little pimple looking abscess, the only cause for alarm. It shouldn’t be a problem for his adult teeth & they shouldn’t change color or fall out. Although it will probably be a painful recovery. 

That was pretty much today covered in oatmeal & blood. I think I also have a headache. 

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