Quarantine Day 15

We started this “self isolation” pretty much on March 16.

I say pretty much because (thank heavens) the washer repair person came that day & fixed our washer, under warranty, even though that expired in December. Looking back on that now, it was certainly annoying at the time & the repair person actually delayed fixing our washer from Friday to that Monday, it is a miracle. I can’t imagine they would have been so flexible with the warranty even a few days after that considering everything now. 

Aaron has been working from home & even got to bring a rig home. The rig is a 3 foot tall 2 foot wide metal frame full of the car infotainment electronics. It’s super heavy. He had to bring it into the house on our hand truck. 

The library is still closed & will be through April. It isn’t just the Library though it is non-essential businesses. Aren’t Libraries essential though? Liquor stores & marijuana stores get to stay open. 

Our Little Chap cried after we ended the playdate video call with Charlotte & Ezra this afternoon. He always wants to pet all the dogs too & I can’t encourage him to do that either, causing him to cry. We’ve been on walks, mostly hour long walks every day except yesterday, but no playground equipment anymore. 

Aaron made a 10″ cheesecake on Sunday & we ate much less than half of it. We thought we’d give it away & then I had a crisis of conscious because we might spread the virus giving it away (it might be on the plastic wrap, or the cardboard, who knows?). We haven’t been tested but all three of us feel crappy. Rowan has had a cough for a couple of weeks now. Aaron & I have each had soreish throats off & on. Even if it isn’t the virus (it probably is) we don’t want to go handing out whatever we’ve got. We were going to give it to the Bybees on Monday, but Monday was crap. I had this dream of showing up at their house, leaving the cheesecake near their door & having the 3 of us several feet away with my favorite Zumba song playing loudly on my phone as we danced to it. I would hold the phone high over my head like he did with the boom box in the movie, “Say Anything.” But I didn’t. Like I said Monday was crap. We almost didn’t go over there tonight. I mean we did go over there, but we didn’t stop the first time & we didn’t give them the cheesecake, we didn’t even mention it. Michael Bybee works with cancer patients. 

Memory seemed glad to see us & Michael heard our voices & was glad to hear us. It was nice to talk with Memory even if it was awkwardly from her door & us next to her garage. It made me miss her. She is so optimistic & has a great sense of humor. I miss going to Zumba with her. 

It is impossible to realize all the things we accepted so easily as normal, when they were in fact privileges. Dropping off half a homemade cheesecake to friends. Going to Zumba. Talking in person to people who are not your immediate family. Playing at the playground. Petting stranger’s dogs. 

The things that were not normal, but are actually great. Aaron working from home. Having lunch with him every day. No commute. Strangers chatting more than not. Going through this with every single person I know. Checking in more often with people I love. Realizing how many people I care about. 

Today was a lovely long walk with our Little Chap in the Spring weather. That meant rounds of sun, sprinkling rain, breeziness & then some large dark clouds. He pushed the stroller more than half the walk & we stopped halfway for a yogurt snack. He knew just where we needed to turn to go to the playground, even though he couldn’t see the playground, & I had to disappoint him. When we got home we hung out on the deck some, until it rained us back inside.

We convinced Aaron to join us out there after lunch a short while later & that was the best. We kicked around the flattish soccer ball, with our Little Chap often trying to sit on it. I gave him the flat basketball to sit on, but of course he liked the soccer ball better. We got Little Chap to nap & Aaron planted his bamboo. I read my latest Romance novel even though I’d sworn myself off Romances this year. I have kept to only female authors, so I’m proud of that.

The past two weeks I haven’t been able to read more than probably a 3rd grade level. My brain was not having it. I was in lizard brain mode or whatever they call that. Last night (Monday was crap) my brain felt absolutely blank & gray. It has spun out & I had no way to reel it back in. “Evvie Drake Starts Over” has been sitting on my bedside stack since my birthday when Laurie Evans gave it to me. I gave up my No Romance Resolution & read it until 2AM. It was lovely. It was like a cold drink of water for my dehydrated synapses. Then I burned through the rest of it today, while our Little Chap napped & while he & Aaron went for a walk around the block. I wish I had 5 more novels to burn through like that. I felt much more like myself today. The sunshine also helped. 

Monday was crap.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I’m so glad you liked Evvie Drake! I was just thinking of that book the other day. Plus! Shout out!

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