Broken Glass

I’m pretty sure my Mom gave it to me, but I didn’t tell Aaron that. I didn’t really want to get upset about it. Rowan had pulled it out of the “giveaway” cupboard near the front door & I was giving him a chance to put it back. Instead he accidentally hit it on the living room step as he was going down it & shattered the glass. We spent the next half an hour cleaning it up trying to make sure there was no glass left to imbed in someone’s foot.

It was in the cupboard to give away, so I’m not upset about it. (Right?) It was a beautiful yellow flower between two panes of glass in a sleek metal frame on the diagonal. It was beautiful & I had been ready to have it be beautiful for someone else.

At nap time I had to change Rowan’s sheet & mattress cover because he had peed through his pjs the night before. As I made the changes he grabbed his blanket & pacifier & sat in the rocking chair. I think he was very ready to sleep. We went to both Story Times today & then Aaron was coming home, so I was going to let him see Rowan before his nap.

Tonight Aaron cleaned the kitchen & gave Rowan his bath. When he was all ready for bed Aaron let Rowan come in to say goodnight to me. Rowan climbs up on the bed in his adorable blue striped pjs with the glow in the dark dino on the front & his curly wet hair & we snuggle up & sit close & flip through the books I’m reading. Aaron comes in eventually & at some point Rowan goes into his room & gets his blankets & pacifier & then climbs back up into bed with us. It was so cute. I loved it. I didn’t think I would ever love a little kid climbing into our bed with us, but I do. It was delightful. He’s a great kid.

Aaron made an oven mitt into a puppet & made it sing the Christmas songs that were playing. It was so hilarious. I laughed so hard. He is delightful. He is also very stressed out with work pressure (they threatened to take away people’s vacation time). He’s stressed out with school, the dreaded group assignments. He’s stressed out because it’s a holiday eve & he is trying to make some gluten free baked goods for people, when he’d really rather not worry about it. Apparently Aaron vacuums with the cord over his shoulder, I never noticed.

Also we’re having Thanksgiving dinner at 12:30 for crying out loud.

I don’t know how to get to bed before 12, or even 1 anymore.

Day 27

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