Columbia River Gorge Model Railroad Club


Sometime last year I watched an Episode of Oregon field guide & they had a segment all about the Columbia River Gorge Model Railroad Club. Watch it here. (Starting at minute 20.) The Club has a website with some great video.

It was super interesting & since we enjoyed Miniature World in Victoria, BC so much I put their show dates in the calendar for the next year. (Saturdays & Sundays, November 2019)

The year rolls by & I have a Saturday morning free, which is unusual so I pack up the family for a “surprise” adventure over in East Portland. As soon as we got out of the car it starting raining big drops & we stood outside in line for 10 minutes or so in it. It was the morning of the very first show of the year & it was pretty packed, although everyone was kind & polite.

We slowly made our way around the beautiful scenes & they were very well done & detailed. The things I liked a lot (some of them) were, the hot air balloon, the painting of Mount Hood, the TARDIS & the Daleks, the drive in movie playing actual movies, the lumber mill, the trolleys & the tiny Made in Oregon sign. They even took 5 minutes or so to turn everything into a nighttime scene, dimming the lights slowly & changing the colors. The tiny old fashioned cars were delightful. You would have to enjoy it all in person, hopefully with less of a crowd.

The club has been around since 1947.

Day 9

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