Closed Restaurants

Not a comprehensive list of closures in no particular order, enjoy!

First tragedy: TGIFridays

Tara (formerly Williams) Toraya took me to my first TGIFridays in Utah just off 106th South by South Town Mall. I fell in love with the Jack Daniel’s steak sauce & as Aaron & I started dating we went there regularly. A few years ago on his birthday Aaron wanted steak & we headed over to the location nearest to us here in Oregon just outside Washington Square Mall. We saw the sign on the door & it had closed in September 2009. The last time we went to a TGI Fridays was in Louisiana & it was not a good experience. The server joked about shanking, to us. Ironically the location has finally been bulldozed & is becoming a Jaguar Land Rover dealership.

A few years ago Aaron’s work, where he was incredible unhappy took all the employees to Hall Street Grill for their Christmas party. I tried to make an effort, but it was painfully obvious that we had no intention of being with the company even until the next Christmas party. Aaron loved the steak there. We had intended to go back on our own, but driving past it one day there was a closed sign. Nothing has taken over the building since & it’s been at least 3+ years at this point. Closed February 2017.

Ruby Tuesday’s was a gem we found in South Beaverton right on the pond. Aaron often went for the steak & I actually enjoyed their “Garden Bar”, but really we went for the cheese biscuits. I was also a big fan of their grilled zucchini & mashed potatoes. We took Aaron’s parents & his cousin there once & shortly after that it closed in August 2016.

Bridgeport Brewpub became a favorite after years of Tuesday evening date nights & Aaron getting his lunch there often. It was only a couple of blocks from his work, easy walking distance. Aaron would go for their mac & cheese, which came in it’s own cast iron pan with little bits of crispy, delicious cheese around the edges. I will mention he frequently had to send it back to the kitchen because even with the edges bubbling & crispy, the middle was often cold.

Chevy’s was one of our favorite places. We’d go there once a month. I loved their table side guacamole & their fajita chicken salad, which they originally made table side as well. The best part of that salad was the Apple Chipotle vinaigrette, I would always take home extras of that. Over time Aaron tried it & loved it also, he would end up ordering his own side of it. Normally he would go for the steak nachos. For the longest time we would go to the Chevy’s in Tanasborne. One night we decided to go to the Chevy’s in Lake Oswego & as I routed us there it said they were permanently closed. We didn’t believe it & drove all the way out there to see it dark & empty. I really am genuinely sad about this one, because the food was great & we went there often.

Henry’s Tavern: The Ultimate Tragedy

I legitimately cried over this one. We had taken piles of friends & family to this place over the years. It was in a delightful old brick building & they served Gorgonzola Cheese fries. Aaron actually loved those, amazingly enough. When we first started going there Aaron would get their mac & cheese, & I tried their bangers & mash, but regretted it. I fell solidly into their Pear Walnut & Prosciutto salad. Sliced pears, pickled peppers, goat cheese, prosciutto, thickly shaved parmesan, candied walnuts, red onion, over shredded romaine, arugula with basil & a jalapeƱo-pear vinaigrette that was perfect. Dessert, which we only had room for a couple of times, was their ice cream sandwiches made in house. The cookies were still soft & the ice cream was firm, delicious. We had parked our car & walked up to the front entrance for our spontaneous lunch date & it was only when Aaron pulled on the door handle & it was locked, did we realize anything was wrong. Closed September 2019.

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