Jury Duty

Thursday, October 19, 2019 10:30AM

Even though I had been registered to vote in Utah for about 10 years, I had never received Jury Summons. Since being registered to vote in Oregon for about 10 years I’ve received Jury Summons twice.

The first time I went to a different room & the survey was probably 5 pages long & I think I was home just after lunchtime. At least I think so. It’s funny the things you don’t bother to remember. Today I was nearly 15 minutes late & I completely blame Aaron for seducing me this morning. We’re in the basement this morning & they had an earthquake drill. 

They read off a pile of Jury numbers (40?) for a trial that potentially could run into next week. My number was not called. They played a short film about Jury Duty & it’s importance, which was a good reminder. Each of us, & collectively as a group we are providing justice. We are giving a person a chance at a fair & speedy trial. If we don’t show up that can’t happen. 

They are playing Apollo 13 (which came out in 1995, with Tom Hanks) on the two screens at the front now.

I thought I’d give a little update on life & the projects I’m working on. Last week was my birthday & I worked a shift at the Branch that evening. It was probably a mistake, I was pretty cranky. I felt obligated to work Wednesday since I wouldn’t work on Saturday. Aaron surprised me with a trip to Southern Oregon. We drove down to Eugene & had a delicious lunch with Laurie Evans. She gave me a beautiful, soft blue scarf she knitted herself & a favorite book of hers. Aaron took Rowan for a couple of walks while I got to chat with my favorite Author, (Laurie).

We made it to Grants Pass & had dinner at The Black Bear Diner. I got pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy & cornbread muffins, all of which made me extremely happy. I loved mashed potatoes & gravy. 

It was a beautiful sunset, & shortly after we hit a skunk. Aaron had borrowed a work vehicle & it was a lovely drive, but he had to do it all himself. The skunk smell really came up into the car & I was afraid we’d have to go back into town & get a car wash. (We didn’t.) We had Rowan’s seat in the middle of the backseat & he was so patient for such a long drive. Sleeping, playing with his lock board & flipping through books. There was a point where we just had to play music & sing along to help him. 

We got to the treehouse just after sunset & they were all lit up & looked fantastical. 

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