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Occasionally a patron asking for help is hearing impaired & most of the time they have a hearing person with them who translates for me into sign language. I know a tiny bit of sign language that mostly boils down to “help” & “thank you.” In the few years I’ve worked at the Beaverton City Library I can only remember two times where the deaf person was on their own. This note is from one of those times.

This slip of paper is from an older woman who looked tired & frustrated & once I read her note I realized why. Often people come into the Library asking for directions, so I’ve become even more familiar with my city (& Google Maps). With this request though it took both Tim (my coworker) & myself to figure out where she was trying to go. The directions I scribbled down on another scrap of bluish paper went with her, but I held onto the one she wrote to me.

Working at the library interesting things are bound to happen.


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  1. Kathie H says:

    Oh, I hope she made it there!

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