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Specifically for the temptation of those planning to visit Oregon this year, but anyone else is welcome to enjoy the visual smorgasbord.

This first picture is of the Portland waterfront & the OMSI submarine behind Aaron, Elizabeth, Natalie & Alisa. (http://www.omsi.edu/submarine)

Take a sub tour! Pirate costumes are optional.


Powell’s bookstore  (http://www.powells.com/)

Powell’s is the largest used and new bookstore in the world, an entire city block more than a million new, used & gluten free books. Join Mom & Aunt Laurel as they browse.






Kennedy School McMenamins (http://www.mcmenamins.com/427-kennedy-school-home)

An old elementary school turned into several restaurants, a hotel & a movie theater in what was the gymnasium. Jazmyne & Jamayka are about to have their minds blown by the cajun tater tots. I prefer the fantastic gyros myself.





Explore the Willamette Waterfront in a Surrey bike for 4, or 5 people. “Is everyone pedaling?!”

A new favorite activity of John, Misty, Katie, Aaron & Hykel (taking the picture).







The Pearl District is a Portland neighborhood full of shops, restaurants & gelato. Perfect for a Portland Hipster-spotting walk about. Gelato enjoyed by: Mom, Jazmyne, Heidi, Jamayka, Jaquoya, Bev, Aaron, & Hykel (taking the picture).







Voodoo Donut is a cheeky little shop open 24 hours a day. A place where you might see someone stepping up to the Texas challenge to win a free bucket of donuts, or a wedding. Mommy daughter moment: Mom & Heidi (http://voodoodoughnut.com/index.php)








The Portland International Rose Test Garden has 550 tempting varieties of roses & 0 non-tempting varieties. (http://www.rosegardenstore.org/rose-gardens.cfm)

Hykel forgot that you are supposed to stop & smell the roses not stop & kiss the roses.




Follow Mom & Aunt Laurel’s example with a scenic drive through the woodsy 400 acres of Washington Park. Their smiles say it all!








If 400 acres is 399.999 too many acres for you, try the smallest park in the world, Mill’s End Park (452 square inches), as mocked by Aaron & Katie.




AA Hollie-Lauren-Smart-car


We offer Smart Car driving tours, (Hollie & Lauren taking said tour). Take our Smart Car out for a spin & be part of the exclusive Smart Car Club for a day. Wave at other Smart Cars you pass, enjoy the stares of strangers & the random questions about Smart Cars in any grocery store parking lot. “Are all your groceries really going to fit in there?”





We love taking our guests on a Portland bridge tour. Cross the Willamette River more than 8 times & walk the beautiful, green St. John’s bridge. My most favorite bridge.  Watch as large ships or barges pass way below you on the Willamette River.

(Leigh, Aaron, Skyler, Dusty, & Izzy.)

Not pictured: Amy & Goldie




Lots of nearby wild forested parks make you feel like an early American explorer without all the effort & sweating. Sassy girl group Hykel, Natalie, Lili, Jazmyne & Elizabeth all feeling EXACTLY like Lewis & Clark.




AA Dusty-Waffles



Dusty says (Belgian) Waffle Saturday is every day, & what Dusty says, goes. Well he would have said that if he wasn’t busy eating his waffle.






Game Night is also every night. I always say never play Killer Bunnies against Bev, because she’ll win. Jaquoya & Jamayka never play Settlers of Catan against Mom, because she always wins. We also offer Guillotine, Boggle, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Scrabble, Nertz, Mastermind, “Hey, That’s My Fish,” Bananagrams & Crossing the Plains for your chance to win on Game Night!





The huge Multnomah Falls (right) & the touchable Wahkeena Falls (left). Both falls are just a short walk from each other in the Columbia River Gorge.

The Falls






On the Oregon coast Aaron, Elizabeth, Lili, Natalie & Jazmyne are taking The Love Loaf Tour in the Baby Loaf Orange VW Bus Photo-Op. Tons of hilarious photo opportunities at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Take a tour! The factory workers & their hilarious t-shirts, the free samples of cheese & the huge varieties of Tillamook ice cream. http://www.tillamook.com/cheese-factory/index.html





Another Oregon favorite is a campfire on the beach. Pick your favorite beach & we’ll pack along the combustibles. (Pine cones, telephone books, shredded documents, logs) Beaches of choice: Hug Point (starfish, small waterfall & climbable rocks), Cannon Beach (haystack rock from the movie Goonies, lots of stores & sweet shops, elephant ears = scones), Seaside (aquarium, & boardwalk with games & rides, beach bike/surrey bike rentals) Oceanside (cave to adjacent beach, climbable rocks, & lighthouse), & many other unexplored beaches.

Campfire & kite flying at any beach.

AA 2012-03-03-84-4T






Our last Portland area offering is your very own Tram Ride. You would be our first guests to ride the tram from the top of the Portland hills down to the waterfront. Beautiful views & a thrilling ride. http://www.gobytram.com/

As for Washington: big trees = a fun time. The Washington Olympic National Forest http://www.fs.usda.gov/main/olympic/home

AA Wagonwheel-Trail-Olympic-National-Forest

I tried to search for any of these areas on Google Maps & it wouldn’t find any of them except Lake Cushman. So first find Lake Cushman. On the very north west tip of the lake, go past Bear Gulch on the left. Continue up toward Lincoln creek on NF-24 (Closed May) road. Zoom way in on Staircase campground until you see parking (park there.)

AA Lake-Cushman



Walk across Elk Creek on the bridge & take the easy flat path to the left along the creek for a forest of redwood trees. The big downed tree is to the right, if I remember correctly. If I don’t, there are signs posted.

Climb right into the big downed tree through the roots like a cave!

AA Mysti-Shady-Lane-Trail-Olympic-National-ForestAA Mysti-Olympic-National-Forest

AA Mysti-High-Steel-Bridge


Something you can find in Google maps is the

High Steel Bridge, Washington.

(Last picture, as modeled by Mysti)

What was the best part of your last Oregon trip?

What do you want to do on your next visit?



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  1. Jennifer says:

    This post proves that despite living in Oregon all my life, I have not done enough in this amazing state!

  2. Mom says:

    Hykel,this was fantastic! I loved reading every bit. Thanks for bringing back all the treasured memories!

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