Sock Glue

Pass or fail?

Because I was in the area yesterday, I made a stop in at Sock Dreams in Milwaukie. After browsing the entire shop, stopping by the compression socks, & the anklet style & the leg warmers I finally could not resist the $8 black & white checkered thigh highs. I bought another old favorite knee-high argyle socks in black, grey & white for $10 it’s a steal. I already have them in brown, teal & beige, but my very first pair was in tan & tangerine. I had been thinking about trying sock glue for some time since I’m not a fan of yet-another-layer, like garters. I bought the sock glue & realized I could also use it for my toupĂ©e!

To inspire myself to go to work I thought up a smashing outfit including my new socks & a new black skirt I bought last week at the thrift store. Topped off with a white shirt & black shrug. I was feeling the mime. The theatrical version, not the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension, which are so easily confused. While working my 5 hours at the Library I had a patron come up to me while I was straightening the new release books & tell me that my socks were “awesome!” What surprised me was that the complimenter was a guy. I never see that coming.




I also had a coworker tell me they liked my socks so win for that. Also a win on the two braids hairdo. Lots of compliments there. The braids were a last minute decision because I was too busy thinking about my socks. As for the sock glue it is an absolute win, aka pass. I didn’t have to pull up my socks the entire 5 hours & with all the bending, walking, reaching, leaning, crouching & standing it held strong. I did not do an army crawl, but that isn’t skirt appropriate. I am a huge fan of sock glue now. Have you tried it? How did it hold up under your wig?

Also I had to admit I did not wear my cute new black wedges to work, but the flat, sensible shoes.

Opinions, preferences? Heels/flats?

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4 responses to “Sock Glue”

  1. Jenny says:

    I all the time be army crawling at work–skirt or no. It’s brutal here! I need to know that the sock glue will stand up to that kind of activity.

  2. Hykel says:

    Jazmyne Walton: “Sooo, how did the washing of sock glue work out and did it stay mostly on your legs or socks? I need this in my life! Ps I always loved your heels with socks”

    My legs were pretty sticky after & I rolled it on my legs so it stayed on them for the most part. I used a wet wipe to get the glue off my legs because it was handy at the time, & I could just throw it away after. It was really easy that way. As for the socks, (inside out) I tossed them in the wash in a delicates bag with cold water & the glue is gone. Now that I’ve tried it, I highly recommend sock glue.

  3. Mom says:

    You were in milwaukee?? I love the socks too! Sock glue? Sounds a bit sticky! How did your sensitive skin take it? How did you get the socks off later? Would like to see a full picture of you in the outfit!

    • Hykel says:

      Milwaukie, Oregon. I should have said Sellwood, though that’s where the Sock Dreams store is located. It is super sticky & I haven’t had any problems with my skin. You just peel the sock cuff off. I’m not really a fan of the rest of the stuff I wore so no full pictures this time.

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