Seattle Maker Faire: The pretty pictures

Everyone knows it’s Art before Nerd.


I took the day off just so that I could accompany my Nerd to the Seattle Maker Faire. I was hoping to make a weekend of it, sleeping in a different bed, leaving my clothes all over a different floor & trying out a different shower head. You know, the usual. Instead, we did a day trip to Seattle, which is totally doable when you live in Portland. Tiring, but doable.


With my motion sick pills tucked into my blue purse & a cuddle blanket I was happy to be along for the ride. I was hardly awake until we were passing Olympia & I saw my water bottle bubbles frozen mid-escape. That’s when I took way too many greenish, mostly out of focus, abstractish pictures.

Abstractish is totally a word.





The Maker Faire in Seattle was held at the EMP or the Experience Music Project Museum. At the very beginning we walked through this industrial looking hallway covered in silver pipes & tube lights. The very first shot at the top of this post happened when I was trying to find something to do while Aaron did his nerd talking to other nerds. (I was sure he was speaking english, but the words made no sense to me.) This hallway was totally distracting to me, lover of all things industrial & light covered. Even though it is covered in lights it was actually pretty dark & I had to hold my camera super steady. (I never manage to use my tripod.) After a while I decided moving my camera around while the shutter was open made these awesome sweeps of color from the tube lights.


More beautiful things!

This next set of pictures was a group of people hand-knitting a huge play structure to take to Burning Man. This was just one little section they had knitted to show at the Faire. It was surprisingly soft. They had knitted little cocoons to sit in & there are pictures of us in them for the Nerd post, aka Seattle Maker Fair: The Nerd Pictures.


There were quite a few booths outside & Aaron got caught up talking to a guy about making hollow molds out of plastic. I zoned out again entirely distracted by the Space Needle. Probably one of the most recognizable landmarks in the US. I also caught the end of the Seattle Monorail going into the EMP. Aaron is a huge fan of monorails.


The reflections got to me. Oooh shiny! That is the actual color of the tiles on the side of the building.

I could not stop staring, or taking pictures.


Shortly after finishing up in the 4th or 5th area of the Faire we decided to head home. We drove around Seattle a little & caught glimpses of the waterfront that we’ve never visited. The last picture down at the bottom is of an entire city block with these gray squares, each had one word of a poem. I don’t know if it was the beginning or the end, but the parts I read were,

“This is not a gentle poem.”


& that is what happens when you take an artist to a nerd fest.

Pretty, Spring, Washington

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  2. Mom says:

    I loved all your photos and remembering Seattle but- Your last line after the last photo is my favorite. It made me chuckle. : )

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