Seattle Maker Faire: The Nerd Pictures

Featuring a very small number of all the nerdy projects.

We rolled into Seattle & hit traffic because of road construction & wisely or no, decided to eat on the north side of the city. We used the internets to tell us where food could be found & it showed us this place that had burgers called Kidd Valley on North 49th Street. After using their restrooms & standing in front of their menu for several minutes, we decided it was essentially a fast food restaurant, & we’d rather not. In their parking lot, Aaron found an Italian restaurant literally across the street. We move our car down the block & walked up to Perché No where they have this sign that says, “Happy 75th Birthday Steve.”

We were VERY afraid that it was closed for a private party, but we were VERY hungry & since the door was open I suggested we still give it a try. The worst they could do is turn us away. Actually that would have been pretty bad. A server approached us & when we told him we weren’t with Steve, he said that we would have to check with the chef. He turns around & talks to the chef, who waves us in & before we know it we are seated in an empty restaurant. It was perfect! We had the restaurant all to ourselves with the entertaining background noise of Steve’s Birthday party floating down to us from upstairs. Lots of tearful, slightly drunk well wishing & story telling. We may or may not have toasted to Steve. He sounded like a great guy.


The food was amazing. They gave us bread with olive oil, vinegar & seasoning. Did I mention we were VERY hungry? For an appetizer we ordered “Crostini con Cinghiale Prosciutto e Mozzarella,” which is a fancy (or Italian) way to say wild boar ham, mozzarella cheese with balsamic vinegar. (As a side note about me: I can never spell mozerela correctly. I only recently realized there is more than one “L” in it, & now there’s 2 “Z’s.”) My new favorite food in the whole world. We had consumed SO much bread that we were getting on the full side & so we decided to split a plate of “Tortellini Gorgonzola e Noci.” If you know anything about Aaron then picking cheese tortellini with a gorgonzola & walnut sauce over ordering plain old lasagna, would seem pretty out of character. However if you know me, you know my crazy, spontaneous experimental side has (over the 8 years we’ve known each other) rubbed off on him. Aaron has fully admitted to being a huge fan of gorgonzola cheese now. We had so thoroughly enjoyed all the food so far we could not stop ourselves from ordering dessert. “Cioccolata Lasagna e Mascarpone,” thin crispy layers of chocolate with a cream filling & raspberry sauce. It was a perfect top off.

We felt very flattered when Lily came to our table & introduced herself. Well, I thought we were in trouble & then I felt flattered. She & her husband David, the chef, own the restaurant & she wanted to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. (Absolutely!) She made us realize just how lucky we were to get in when she told us they don’t usually open until 4PM on Saturdays, but Steve’s party had brought them all in earlier. (Thanks Steve!)


We did eventually get to the fair with plenty of time. The top picture shows you an overview of just a small part of one room at the faire that day. There was also an upstairs or balcony to that room, where one booth had these cool tiny little Tabletop Movie Making Studios for your smart phone or tablet. They were letting kids color their own backdrops & props & then shoot little videos with them. I love how the Maker Faire is so interactive. Altogether there was that room filled with booths, the balcony with more projects, a huge room, outside the museum they had the large projects, & two smaller rooms that were connected through a door, all filled with people’s interesting ideas brought to life.


Because it was Nerd Central there were any number (5-6) of booths with 3d printers. It has become interesting to me because Aaron shares his 3d printer project with me all the time at home. That makes me absolutely vaguely aware of what’s going on with 3d printers. We were both impressed with the quality & detail of the objects that had been printed. Aaron (top left) is holding an articulated robot figure, I have a tabletop gaming figure that they had hand painted, I (bottom left) am holding a pink vase that has impressive nature-like curves & Aaron is holding a white vase. I saw several “gear-hearts” (the link is a video of me playing with the largest) & I have already placed my order with Aaron to make me one of my very own.


Here is a view of the design for the final play structure from the crochet group that I told you about in the post Seattle Maker Faire: The Pretty Pictures. It looks like it would be a ton of fun to play on. As promised in that same post, here are the pictures of Aaron & Hykel in their crocheted cocoons of love & fulfillment.


Some of the other projects included things like an underwater robot that you could get to swim around a pool with a video game controller, a guy had pneumatic assisted walking legs, a group bent popsicle sticks to create landmarks like the Space Needle, people had formed a tool lending library (go libraries!), & there was also a two-person mind controlled quad-copter (one person to keep it up in the air, the other to move it around).


Aaron was intrigued by the pin hole camera, but I had 3 years of High School photography to cure me of any interest in that. I had encouraged Aaron to look in the “eye” of the Camera Obscura (for the picture of course) & as he did the large tent opened & we were invited in. We went in & our backs were right up against the tent wall where Aaron was looking through the lens. The lens projected the outside upside-down on the tent wall across from us & we stood there super entertained “secretly” watching all the people outside. The man running the tent said that if you had two lenses the image would be projected right-side up. Some guy did what Aaron had done trying to see into the dark tent through the lens & blocked our view, so we lifted the side of the tent & invited him inside. The bottom pictures with Bob Marley & Albert Einstein were drawn using the laptop & some stepper motors. The two lines up to the left & right corners would pull the pen around the paper drawing the image in a slightly circular technique.


I wonder if my Mom would like this as a puzzle. 🙂

I would love to have a metal sculpture like this in my yard.


Every time Aaron goes to Seattle he has to stop in at Metrix Create Space, so I sat in the car staring at this sign thinking, “Yep. I’m here.” We did not go to The Confectional, which is a favorite Seattle place of mine, but that is probably for the best. It was getting late & we still had to get dinner & drive the 3 hours home. We stopped in a little local restaurant (that will remain nameless) outside of Seattle that had excellent food & horrible tasting water. (How bad was it?) The water was SO bad that it made Aaron’s soda taste odd.

Aaron drove all the way up & back himself so I was just along for the ride, apparently you were too. How did you enjoy it?

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  1. Mom says:

    Loved all this! No to the puzzle! Is so great that our brains never stop thinking up new things! Miss fun times up there!

  2. […] This next set of pictures was a group of people hand-knitting a huge play structure to take to Burning Man. This was just one little section they had knitted to show at the Faire. It was surprisingly soft. They had knitted little cocoons to sit in & there are pictures of us in them for the Nerd post, aka Seattle Maker Fair: The Nerd Pictures. […]

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