20 Mile Bike Ride

Which actually turned out to be more than 20 miles

For whatever reason I’ve set a goal for myself to do a 100 mile bike ride this year. That is 100 miles all in one day. I’m already in the middle of one 5k every year for 5 years. (2014 is year 4) Both of these goals are part of my “Life List,” or things I want to do in my life.

There are probably some people who can jump on a bike & spontaneously ride 100 miles, but that isn’t me. I decided to follow a simple training plan of speed rides & long rides to get me ready. Today I checked the weather & decided to go for my first long ride, or 20 miles. I mapped it out & told someone where I was going & what I was doing for safety, then I jumped on my bike & started pedaling.


When we first moved to Oregon we lived right on the other side of this field.

I had barely made it out of my neighborhood when it started raining. About 2 miles into the ride it was pouring buckets. I reached a decision point at a stoplight & I realized feeling a trickle of rainwater down my legs & into my shoes that I couldn’t get any more wet. It was incredibly miserable & cold. Rain dripping off my hat brim, rain spots on my sunglasses & soaking my gloves. I figured if I wanted to have adventures, then I had to have adventures. (The difference between people who do things & people who don’t: the people who do things, DO THINGS & the people who don’t, DON’T.)


Speaking of sore backsides, this is the backside of the storm that drenched me.

After being soaked like that for nearly an hour, the storm did break, after all it is Spring. Then I took a break & took pictures. Took pictures, wrung out my gloves & gave my sore backside a break. I took another break in another hour, which was a surprise to me, since I’d only expected this to take about 2 hours. I drank some water & had some snacks I’d had the foresight to bring & that turned out to be the only lunch I had. The ride was 3 hours long & a total of 21 miles.


I love these trees. They remind me exactly of the fake evergreen trees in my mom’s Christmas village she sets up every year. As a child I didn’t believe perfectly cone-shaped trees existed. They do.

I loved the ride. It reminded me that I live in a beautiful place. I realized both how near & how far things really are from where I live. I saw a lot of things I would not normally see riding in a car. Specifically all the roadkill. I remember growing up in Texas a lot of the roadkill was armadillo, around here it turns out to be opossum, oddly enough.


When I turned into my driveway I saw that my daffodils had opened. I always look for them as a sign of Spring.

Spring has officially arrived people!

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  1. Leigh says:

    Speaking of roadkill…Hykel, how do you know that ‘possom wasn’t just playing “possom”?

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