Who? Cory Doctorow

You know, Aaron’s close personal friend.

Aaron already wrote all about it on his blog

so I’ll just add my two cents.

Cent 1: I didn’t give a cent about Mr. Doctorow before going to his book signing. Nothing personal, I just didn’t know anything about him or his work regardless of how much Aaron would try to tell me about him. When Mr. Doctorow asked the audience if they wanted him to read a selection from his newest book, or give a presentation I was all for the reading. I should say I was all for the reading until I saw that no one else had raised their hand for that option. It was at that moment I realized this largish group of people probably knew something I didn’t.

Cent .5: Listening to Mr. Doctorow talk about things I am interested in, like the internet, freedom, information & privacy etc., & how those things are threatened by various groups & the fact that we should do something about it, I wanted to do something about it.

Cent 2: Mr. Doctorow’s presentation intrigued me enough to read Little Brother, which brought up additional interesting questions about all those things I’m interested in. I highly recommend reading it. You can download Little Brother & his newest novel Homeland free off Mr. Doctorow’s website.

Since then I have started to pay attention when Aaron mentions his close personal friend Cory Doctorow.

Book, Winter

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