Comfort food…

…of the Boiled Cookies variety

Considering Monday was not what I consider a success, although I did make it through with both my eyes, all my fingers, toes & teeth, I’m hoping the next few days will go easy on me. Cookies are what I consider easy on me.

Aaron is normally the one who makes tasty things in our house from “Breadventures” to corn salsa to apple pie to whatever he’s craving at the moment. I decided to make something he never would. Boiled Cookies. He wasn’t an admitted fan before, but I converted him.

Boiled Cookies always remind me of my sister Hollie, she used to make them a lot at our house. It took me many years to make the connection that they are called Boiled Cookies because you don’t bake them as you do most cookies. I remember my sister made them in the microwave in this large brownish ceramic bowl made by my Uncle Marc. It was a bowl he’d made on a wheel & the texture was not as smooth as commercially manufactured mixing bowls. I think it’s easy to make the connection between the bowl & the cookies since the cookies came out rather brownish & rough textured as well. When I was a kid the bowl had a few chips in the rim, but we used it just the same. I wonder if my Mom still has it.

I don’t think my sister made Chocolate Chip Cookies as frequently as Boiled Cookies, but I remember the song that went along with it. Someone else will have to tell you where this song came from. 2013-01-18-4-boiled-cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies you gotta have more

You can bake them in the oven, or buy them at the store

But whatever you do keep them ready by the door

& I’ll love you ’till the day I die! 

You are supposed to “drop” all the cookies, but I got lazy & pressed most of them into a pan. I know now why that doesn’t work out as well. I ended up with a kind of chocolatey-granola, which I spooned into my mouth way too frequently.

No matter how carefully you try to drop the cookies you’ll always end up with little isolated drips that don’t make it into part of a cookie. As a kid (& now as a grown-up kid) I would find it too hard to wait for the cookies to cool, & I’d eat those little bits that weren’t “technically” cookies, which had to be waited for. I figured no one would notice those little bits were gone like they would an entire cookie.

Boiled Cookies yeah or nay? (& how do you like those brown 80’s countertops?)

Proud, Winter

5 responses to “Comfort food…”

  1. Kathie mom says:

    I surely do have that bowl still. And it still has the chips, of course! Love boiled cookies too! I’m glad you have fun yummy memories!

  2. Leigh Hunter says:

    I really like “boiled cookies”. Skyler made a batch the other day, but she called them “no bake cookies”. I made sure to let her know she had the name wrong, and that she’d better call them boiled cookies, or else!

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