Star Trek

Where you realize my nerdiness knows no bounds.

Aaron said they were playing two Star Trek episodes in (enhanced) HD in the movie theater & asked me if I would like to go with him. (On a date?! Of course!) I’d been up to Vancouver again & was dressed to the nine’s. (But what does that mean?!)

Aaron wrote the nerdy details on his blog.

As we walked into the theater Aaron leaned over & said that this was just the kind of thing Cecily would attend. Sure enough we see someone waving at us frantically from the middle of the theater. Up to that point I’d never actually met Cecily in person, although I’ve been following her blog for the past 5 years, I’ve lived in her same city for the past 3 years, & in her same stake for the past year. We have even been in the same places at the same time, we’ve just never officially crossed paths. I love that the first thing I said to her after blog stalking her for 5 years was, “Did you save us seats?” Turns out she was one seat short to include us on her row, but we did find prime seats the row behind her, her brother & sister & their friends. Then I really started feeling like a stalker. Lurking in the row behind people you know, unintentionally hearing their conversation, making hilarious comments to their conversation they can’t hear, laughing at the jokes they tell each other. What have I become? *Shudder


I remember watching Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) on TV as a kid. Did anyone else have a crush on Riker? We always joke that Riker raising his voice indicates the importance or feeling of what he is saying. I love Patrick Stewart. Can anyone hate him? One of my favorite characters was Data. As a kid I don’t think I realized why, but I love the contrast Data brings to the generally overdramatic crew.


Lately I’ve been really disappointed in the movies released by the studios. We often drive past the theaters or look up online what they have playing & almost nothing is interesting. The last two movies we saw in the theater were The Pirates! Band of Misfits, & The Avengers. I’m really starting to lean toward what I think of as “alternative” shows playing in the theater, like Star Trek. We also watched a live broadcast of This American Life a favorite radio show of ours. Sadly the theaters we watched both of those in were not packed, so I doubt that either was profitable for the theater. In fact I’m sure it wasn’t for the Star Trek showing considering they ended up giving us all free tickets because we missed the first half or episode that we’d come to see.

With that said any movie recommendations?

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