True Blue

Modesty dictates I not divulge ALL the ways that I am thankful for this man, but I will give some juicy details.

You REALLY don’t want to keep reading. When I said, “juicy” what I meant was “sappy.”

If you’ve ever hung out with us I’m sure we’ve annoyed you with any number of obscure things we say to each other. The endless movie quotes from You’ve Got Mail, The Wedding Singer or Young Frankenstein. Most people are surprised at how applicable those two movies are to everyday life. We kiss all the time. Even during church, which is something I never thought I’d do. We give each other the I Love You sign in sign language constantly. “Ooh I like her.” Aaron took the time & made the effort to learn Portuguese words & phrases, because he knows I love it. He specifically uses it to make me smile. “Eu te amo meu ursinho fofinho!” “Eu tambem te amo minha coelhinha fofinha” I call him Bear & he calls me Bun.

When I took this picture of Aaron he was actually mad at me & pouting. (With good reason.) The same blue hoodie that I’m wearing right now. I told Aaron I was cold & he brought me his own hoodie, & awkwardly put it on me. He is so sweet. (Don’t you know how to put clothes on an inert human person? You’re gonna need to know this!)

I’m such a lucky girl.

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