Monster Frame

Imagine if a Muppet ate a picture frame…..

This project idea came to me while I wandered around my house trying to find something to do at my local Relief Society meeting after I brought taco soup. Remember Scary Soup? Yes this project is from way back then. I chickened out on my creativity that night and instead worked on the Halloween Banner. (That I just finished.)

I think this is going to be my last Halloween project this year, except of course the inevitible Last Minute Halloween Project, brought to you by Aaron Eiche. (You should check out his latest post, he wrote about our adventures up in the trees on my Birthday.)

For the Monster Frame be sure that you have several broken Ikea frames to choose from like I did. These are the frames that didn’t survive the plummet off my wall. (I really can’t get into the details now of how I cannot hang things up properly.) I picked this one and patched up the corner with the staple gun I never returned to my Mother. (You don’t mind do you Mom?) It didn’t have to be all that pretty since it will be covered up, but it turns out I could have used this frame again had I done this fix job sooner.

I didn’t have the glass for this frame (since it broke in aforementioned fall) and you won’t need one. Please keep the mat though because it makes excellent teeth. I cut mine in half and free handed out the teeth with pencil. I only ignored one of my lines when I cut it out. I’m so proud of me.

Wrap your frame with fuzzy material making sure there are heaps of folds, it makes it more interesting. I happened to have this green fuzzy material (from a project I never completed) and it was a long skinny piece. Excellent! I thought I would hot glue it onto the frame but I ended up using 2 or 3 staples it was a lot easier. I’m telling you that staple gun is my new best friend.

The eyes I got from the dollar store, 12 to a package. Be sure to cut your eyeballs in half with scissors so that each half goes flying all over your house, one of which will land in your vase of Birthday flowers.

Lay out 3 eyeballs onto the frame, add a few more and then realize you’re going to use all 12. If you tuck your eyeballs into the folds of the material they look bulgier and creepier and thats what we want. I used the hot glue around the inside edge of the eye and then pushed them into the fuzzy material so the glue made contact with the fabric. (All while watching old episodes of the A-Team. I LOVE that show.)

I freehanded “Trick Treat.” (I almost always do this because its faster, and I don’t have the patience to scout around on the internet for hours looking for the perfect lettering of “Trick or Treat,” then try to figure out how to duplicate it or print it without infringing on copy-whatever.) I did the letters on some paper I’ve had for years, it’s brownish and had some texture to it. Outline the letters with black marker and cut them out. I didn’t cut out every space around these letters since they were a little flimsy and this gave me somewhere to glue the “or.” I used the back half of one of the eyes and black markered “or,” it gave the middle a little more dimension. Hot glue that onto the “Trick Treat” letters and hot glue THAT whole thing (I used the spot right behind the “or” for the glue) to the black fabric.

I used some black material for inside the mouth, which sheds, and the green material sheds REAL bad so my hoodie was all fuzzy black and green at the end. I wrapped the black material around the backboard of the frame and wedged it into the frame tucking the teeth in as I went, I didn’t bother gluing any of it because it was all held pretty tight.

The “horns” or ears or whatever sticking out of the top was a couple of manilla folders in cone shape that I roughed up so they looked less like party hats and more like horns, or ears or whatever. (“Right now it looks like a party hat. A hairy, horny party hat – horn-ish. Like unto a horn…”) I wrapped those with this green fuzzy “Fun Fur” called eyelash yarn. It’s totally irresistible. (I listened to This American Life episode as I finished up.) Hot glue the cones I mean horns, ears, whatever to the back of the frame.

You’re done!

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