Fix it Felix!

Fixing stuff around the house.

We have a long list of things to do when it comes to the house. Perimeter fence, hallway light, leaking windows, replace siding, paint closet doors, replace kitchen drawers, get smoke detectors, etc. As we have money or time we’ll check things off, but “emergency” repairs always come up & have to be taken care of immediately. Like the washing machine stopping mid cycle.

I messaged Aaron about  a whole load of laundry still underwater in our washing machine. I started having flashbacks to my mission (10 years ago) in Brazil & doing laundry by hand. After a quick Google search about our brand of washer, Aaron discovers that it’s common for their lid sensors to break, stopping the machine from going into the spin cycle. Sure enough as soon as I wedged the sensor in the down position the washer finished the cycle. Yeah technology! Yeah for screw drivers to wedge the sensor down!

A couple of days later, after ordering the replacement online with Amazon Prime, the part arrives in a ridiculously long box.


I don’t know if I’ve ever actually seen the insides of a clothes washing machine, or if it’s just been along time.

Aaron popped the cover off & put in the replacement lid sensor. Magic! It’s like a whole new washer! Thanks Bear!


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  1. Kathie mom says:

    Yea! Happiness!

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