Butterfly project

Actually they look more like hair bows for trees. 

I probably should have stuck with the one shape that actually looked like a butterfly, but I went with various wing styles as was shown by the blog post that was my inspiration. This whole thing was an attempt at keeping the ball rolling by continuing to decorate my dining room trees. These butterflies may have convinced me to stop doing that.


I made templates & used paper I already had. Instead of gluing which is messy (with my skills) I just slid them through the sewing machine & the thread in between became their antennae.


I was hoping to find my poster putty to put them up on the wall, but the clear packing tape has held them up superbly. I am surprised that they are still there with how much I don’t like the way they turned out. I’m sure that is just a matter of laziness.


I did get to shoot things (photographically speaking) which makes me lots happier than

butterfly bows on painted dining room trees.


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2 responses to “Butterfly project”

  1. Kathie mom says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! They are cute! Love ’em.

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