TRICK or Treat!

I LOVE Halloween. I don’t think I realized just how much until I was faced with yet another Halloween not dressing up. Not THIS year!

Putting together a costume on Halloween is not something I want to do again, but knowing my procrastination habit it will. 4 stores & 3 hours later I realized all I needed was some face paint since I had everything I needed for a Geisha costume. Of course face paint seemed to be the only thing the stores didn’t have anymore. I did get some red face paint, but the rest was regular makeup. White eyeshadow, red lip liner & black eyeliner. The employees in various stores were already rolling out the Christmas stuff as I was shopping. Yeah Christmas!

What we gave out to the little Hallo-weeners.
Well gold coins & little plastic dinosaurs.

I did get Aaron an Iron Man mask, which he used with this Star Trek jersey & his Doctor Who sonic screwdriver.

(How did I not get a picture of that?)

I think one of my favorite memories of the night was some 20 something guy, with a beard & no kids coming to the door & saying, “Trick or Treat.” Aaron obligingly gave him some candy & the guy was like, “What is that a Star Wars shirt?” Aaron replied somewhat annoyed, “Actually it’s Star Trek.” As Aaron is shutting the door the guy gets in a last jab of, “Same thing.”

Same thing?! Maybe if you’re a 20 something still trick or treating, that’s the same thing as a kid trick or treating right?

Aaron using the poker to stir up our Halloween blaze.

I had an 11 year old boy tell me he LOVED my costume. That boy has a bright future. My neighbor’s little girl asked me why I had paint on my face. I was gratified when a tiny little boy pointed at my Monster Frame & said, “dat!” I felt all my hard work was worth it.

Halfway into the night we finally started watching Young Frankenstein by the fireI really love that flick its so hilarious. (“You take the blonde, I’ll take the one in the turban.” “You men are all alike!” “A somewhat more sophisticated way of expressing myself.” “The feeling is MOO-TUAL!”) It looks like Aaron is sipping hot cocoa in the emerald city, but that’s just my green lampshade. I thought it added a creepy touch.

The majority of kids did say, “thank you” & “Happy Halloween.”

After the jolt of cocoa caffeine & the silliness of Young Frankenstein we were living high on the hog. We heard some kids coming & we flicked on & off the porch light, then knocked on our side of the door when they knocked on the outside. Sadly they were two tiny kids like maybe 4 & 5 years old. I think we might have legitimately scared them.

A couple of teenage girls slipped & stumbled on our wet porch & I was afraid we’d have a lawsuit on our hands.

Us at the end of a long Halloween night. We made it!

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