Q Day 41

Aaron & I have this joke, “what if I was this tall?”

We’re very nearly the same height with Aaron the inch or so taller. If I’m wearing shoes & he’s not, or if I’m in the sunken living room & he’s up the step, or a curb, or high heels, or anything & then we go in for a hug and/or a kiss & we’ll notice the strangeness of the height difference then we’ll say our joke. “What if I was this tall?” Then the other of us responds something like, “I’d still love you,” or “that would be weird,” or something. 

I was standing on the retaining wall in the front yard when I leaned over & hugged Aaron to my chest & asked him, “what if I was this tall?” then I snapped the picture. He doesn’t seem terribly upset to be married to a giantess. 

This morning we drove over to the Tigard office park area by The Home Depot & the John Barleycorns McMenamin’s. (Turns out they are open! Cajun tater tots FTW.) I suggested we go there thinking there would be a lot less traffic with no one working, some nice, unoccupied sidewalks & little ponds & waterfalls. Apparently everyone was headed to The Home Depot on Sunday at noon. Traffic around there was crazy busy. I speculated on our walk that people still needed to build their fallout shelters, or maybe people’s houses still need fixing even if there is a social distancing order, or a quarantine, or a pandemic or whatever. 

The walk was a struggle from top to bottom, but it was a perfect day weather wise, & the sidewalks were very nearly empty & we found an amazing manmade waterfall that looked straight out of a mountain stream. I may have gotten my first sunburn on the backs of my calves, I’m almost excited about it. Both Aaron & our Little Chap needed some major snacks for our tiny 2.5 mile, 1 hour 8 minute leisurely stroll. It felt so nice to be outside together. Most days of the week it’s just me & LC with Aaron working.

Aaron made pizza dough when we got home. He got LC to help him get the dough hook out of the drawer in the kitchen & put the lid back on the yeast & put it in the freezer. LC put the mixer head down & turned it on, then turned up the speed. Aaron tried to include him in everything & LC loved it. The pizza was delicious, as usual. Aaron used his oven outside & the pizza came out crispy on the outside & soft inside with a lovely smokey flavor that I can’t resist. I think Aaron does such a good job & I’m proud of everything he’s learned about baking & that wood pellet oven. 

We put LC to bed & then watched some Oregon Field Guide with lunch. Afterwards I convinced Aaron to play a pile of Lego Star Wars video game levels with me. Until a couple of weeks ago I forgot how stress relieving simple video games like that can be for me. We’ve been playing it a fair bit now & then. 

We did another walk for just a mile once LC woke up. I’m getting super close to hitting 70 miles this month & it’s blowing my mind that LC & I have walked that far this month. I’m at 68.8 miles with 4 more days to go for April. It makes me feel good that I accomplished something. It’s been hard to find worthwhile things to do & the motivation to do them, but I did this. We walked every day, except Tuesday, April 7th. 

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