Q Day 22

Regardless of all the things conspiring to stop me, I did manage to work in the yard again for a couple of hours. That is what I’m most proud of today. 

The past couple of hours I’ve felt the beginning of feeling sick, in my throat & nose. I told Aaron it would really suck to end up going to the hospital & dying with the virus now. He hated that of course. 

The arrival of the Waste Management vehicles is pretty much the only thing keeping my Tuesdays separate from everything else. Our Little Chap loves to run to the window to watch them & many times we’ll take him out to the front steps to watch. One of the WM drivers notices LC watching & will honk the horn a whole bunch & wave the truck’s articulating arm for him. I think that’s so kind of him. 

In addition to working in the yard, I did all the laundry & put it away, cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher & cleaned up both the front room & TV room at least twice. (I mention these things because I am trying to get extra credit on my Life project.)

We had “The Soup” for dinner. This is the Bacon Cauliflower soup we have nearly every week, at the very minimum twice a month. I could smell it cooking as I brought in the garbage cans. Aaron started it when he was finished with work for the day. I’ve really enjoyed having him nearby during such a difficult time. If I crash & burn (that is happening less & less) he is there to talk with me, or take our Little Chap into the office with him. I don’t have to wait for him to drive home from work. We get lunch with him every day.  

Our three little baby birds are getting bigger & louder. They are a joy to watch. My Mom would have really enjoyed them.  

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