Q Day 20

I’m not sure why, but our Little Chap is bleeding out his mouth so much more than the previous days. 

Last night was terrible. He was awake every hour, blood all over his face & sheets. My little vampire. I got nearly no sleep, until 5ish when I tagged out for Aaron to take over. I wish the rocker reclined like it was made to do, it won’t because the handle on the cheap cable mechanism broke off. I would have slept with LC on my chest all night. 

We woke up minutes before conference started & I was panicked we’d missed everything. (We didn’t.) The hosanna shout reminded me of the one I participated in on my mission in Brazil, remotely, for the Nauvoo Temple dedication. Sister Souza was my companion & we were serving in Balneario-Cambiriu. We stitched the date & our initials into our white handkerchiefs before we took the bus to Joinville. We literally packed in on the benches as tightly as we could, I remember being squished in with all the other sisters for the hour or so feeling like it was a lot longer (with all the squishing). 

The good news is, Aaron still made pizza for lunch & bonus cinnamon rolls from scratch. Both were delicious. 

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