All the stress

  • New challenging calling
  • Not pregnant, two months of rage humiliating procedures
  • Expensive Smart car repair
  • Smart Car towed
  • Bought new car
  • Insulting emails about “positive” new car purchase
  • Received new car 4 days later
  • Repair new car
  • Exchange student fail
  • Gained weight
  • Two .five weeks front room disaster
  • Christmas tree falls
  • Two Random ward visits
  • Released from calling
  • Flood under house
  • No heat for two days
  • Office disaster
  • Exhausted workout
  • Two new leaks on the ceiling
  • Hose doesn’t reach street
  • Home depot dude fest
  • Cut off by same dude twice
  • Grannie & grandchild bathroom fiasco
  • When I come out of the bathroom cart is gone

Diary, Exchange Student, House, Journal, Smart Car

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