Happy Exchange Student Day (Part 2)

Exchange Student Day looks a lot like Christmas.


Natan & Finn brought us SO many presents it looked like Christmas at our house. Germans & Brazilians are very generous people! (Bananas not included.) Thank you guys!

It only took 2 exchange students’ flights (Raíza’s last year & Finn’s this year) arriving early for us to learn our lesson. For Natan we arrived more than 30 minutes before his flight was scheduled to land & his flight landed 20 minutes early. Success! Natan arrived with another Brazilian exchange student from Santa Catarina named Nilton, who is staying in nearby Rainier, Oregon.

The top picture below is when Finn realized he wasn’t an only child anymore & tried to cover up Natan with his own welcome sign. 2015-09-03-01A-Aaron-Hykel-Finn-Natan-airportThe bottom picture above is exactly why I hate handing my camera over to complete strangers. Somehow the nice guy who offered to take our picture managed to take it out of focus when my camera has auto-focus. 2015-09-03-03-Aaron-Finn-Natan-stairwellOn our way to lunch the boys got lost forever in the never-ending-hot-stairway-of-doom. “Why didn’t we take the elevator?” I really did ask that a million times.2015-09-03-04A-Finn-Natan-Nike-campusAfter a delicious lunch at Henry’s (including gorgonzola cheese fries) it was a stop at the Nike World Campus in Beaverton. Behind us is a Brazilian flag that you can’t see on one of the flag poles, & bubble soccer which you can (hilariously) see. Americans are weird.2015-09-03-06a-Finn-Natan-Beaverton-City-LibraryWe HAD to go to the beautiful Beaverton City Library where we charged the electric car & where Finn was not impressed. Natan was so happy he jumped right over that fountain of water. True facts.


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6 responses to “Happy Exchange Student Day (Part 2)”

  1. Jennifer says:

    You guys are great host parents! I hope the boys are having fun!

  2. Memory says:

    By the way, the parts about Finn no longer being the only child and the stairs…busting up! You’re so funny!! :-)

  3. Memory says:

    I might have tears. Haha! My heart is so happy. These boys are adorable and look so happy. You two are the BEST! (Have I ever said that??) I’m dying to meet them!!! Sometimes I just wish I could host ALL of them!! :-D

  4. Tom says:

    True facts!

    Can you clarify which student has which name/nationality?

    • Hykel says:

      Finn (tall, dark hair) is German.
      Natan (shorter, blonde hair) is Brazilian, but his Great-Grandfather (or someone) was German & his older relatives speak a German dialect.

  5. Kathie H says:

    Enjoyed the photos! Thanks. Have a fun year!

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