Parabéns para você!

Feliz Aniversário menina linda!


The moment Raíza shut the front door headed to school I got to work filling all kinds of balloons with air. Regular old air. I was recently told that Helium is in limited supply here on earth, it escapes the atmosphere never to return & it has more important uses than filling birthday balloons. (See also: MRI machines & Large Hadron Collider.)


I had grand visions of filling Raíza’s room floor to ceiling, but that took way more arm muscles than I had. I spent the morning wearing out my arms & watching the movie “Stardust.” The long skinny balloons hanging from the light fixture turned out to be my favorite. Who knew balloons could be so much entertaining?



I could not resist curling some over the book-shelves on the wall. The happy face balloons are also irresistible. Sadly both Aaron & I were at work when Raíza got home from school, but I’m sure a delighted squeal happened shortly after she opened her bedroom door.

2014-10-03A-Aaron-Raiza-birthday-cakeLater we topped Raíza’s chocolate cake with chocolate icing & 17+ candles. (Who’s counting anyway?) Then Aaron & I awkwardly sang the Happy Birthday song to her in English. We’re much more practiced in Portuguese, but we wanted to give her the full American Birthday Experience. The A.B.E. (full package) comes with chocolate cake, your room filled with balloons & the Happy Birthday song in English.


 We bought sparking candles & I’ve decided those are my favorite. Who needs regular candles?


Happy Birthday Raíza. We wish you all the best this year (with us!).  :)

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4 responses to “Parabéns para você!”

  1. Donizete says:

    What a wonderfull surprise must’ve been to Raiza.
    As Leda said, we are very happy and peacefull knowing Raiza is with you.
    Thank you for this birthday surprise that I’m sure Raiza will never forget!!
    You Hykel and you Aaron are just GREAT!!!

  2. Leda says:

    Dear and lovely Hykel! Our hearts are full of joy… I have no words to say how much we are glad by having you and Aaron as “Raiza´s parents” :)
    Thanks for all! We love you!

  3. Kathie/ Mom says:

    How fun! A Birthday to treasure!

  4. Memory Bybee says:

    Seriously! You two are THE BEST!!! Paulina and I are sitting here feeling VERY sheepish about missing her birthday. Lame! We’ll have to make it up to her. Maybe we’ll celebrate her half birthday in April by taking her out to dinner or something. :-) We sure love Raiza and we’re so glad she could come to the U.S. and, more importantly, to your home!

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