Halloween: Zebra Style

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Halloween is my Christmas. What that meant this year was that I was driving around most of the day involved in non-Halloween activities. There never seems to be any end to the amount of papers that need to be printed & signed & run out to Aaron’s work for his signature then turned in. We live in the future how are we still using paper?! I did get myself a hazelnut hot chocolate & a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie to keep me company. That counts as Halloween related right?


I bought our Halloween candy at the beginning of the month on sale, & I did so with the goal of not opening any of the 3 bags until the holiday. Well Ladies & Gentleman, I made it! I do feel good about reaching my goal, but we have plenty of candy left post Halloween for me to snack on.


My Halloween decorations came out late this year. I was making an effort to go through all the boxes we have in the garage & getting rid of what we don’t need. These are the same boxes leftover from our move to the house 4 years ago. Some I admit are unopened since our move from Utah 5 years ago. That meant that I did not do any new Halloween decoration projects except one. Going through one of those boxes I found Aaron’s glass head. Score! This is the glass head his amazing Mom found somewhere & gave to Aaron to use to make his movie facial prosthetics. Since it’s clear glass I thought of a million things I could shove in there beginning with lights.

I love how it turned out. I loved shooting it. It was the most rewarding shoot I’ve had in a long time. I also hung up my Monster Frame from last year on the front door, which is a favorite of Aaron’s. I draped the Happy Halloween banner that I made last year across our huge front window again.


We moved my computer to the front room for the “duration,” & after pizza (homemade by Aaron) for dinner, Aaron also made “muddy buddies.” That required yet another drive around town, by me, to get enough powdered sugar. With the muddy buddies nearby we snuggle up on the couch & started Young Frankenstein, our favorite scary movie Halloween tradition. Not long after that we got our first knock on the door. Doesn’t anyone ring the doorbell anymore? Aaron jumped up to break in the first trick ‘o treaters. I could see Aaron stooping down to little kid level, & sure enough when the door closed he had a huge grin & said, “that was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!” Bring on the cute kid parade.

We had a surprising number of teenagers, but they all had costumes & said politely said, “thank you.” Like last year we gave out little dinosaurs as well as candy (fun size Snickers & Smarties) & I tossed in other little toys we had like plastic compasses & spider rings. One knock, I grabbed Smarties & a compass & tossed it into a little boy’s Halloween bucket. He was about 4 & he looked in his bucket, grabbed out the compass & said, “I got a crock!” (A clock.) “That’s a compass,” I said & he stoutly responds, “I don’t wanna a crock!” I took it from his outstretched hand, while his mother apologized & I tried to hold in my laughter until the door shut. Another kid responded to Aaron saying, “What’s this?” “That’s a toy compass, you can have it if you’d like.” A long pause ensues with the kid turning away thoughtfully pondering this information & Aaron closes the door. The next thing we hear is this same kid gleefully shouting, “Mom! I got a toy!” (Not just adorable, freaking adorable.)

A favorite Trick or Treat event for me is the inevitable kid confusion. Halloween only comes around once a year so some of these really little kids have never been Trick or Treating before, or they don’t remember the Standard Halloween Procedure (SHP) from a year ago. SHP includes: knocking or ringing at the door of a house that is not your own, when the door is opened saying, “Trick or Treat” & then gaining a treat, in return saying “thank you” whereupon the door is closed & you move onto the next house to repeat SHP.  Sometimes a toddler-sized kid is left standing mostly alone at our door & once the treat is given they then proceed to walk their adorable little Winnie the Pooh clad butts right into our house. This must be a very rude awakening for those Noobs, taken from house to house by their parents, & never being let inside. Every other day of the year when a door is opened for them they get let right into the house.

My last notable Trick or Treater was a boy about 5 years old who was in a head to toe greenish blue padded costume. After the SHP he pointed with a Smarties filled fist at my Monster Frame & asked me, “what is that?” I responded with a smile, “that’s a monster, just like you!” In a very superior tone he informed me that he was a “DRAGON” not a monster & that he had 3 lollipops, 2 in his bucket & 1 in his Dad’s pocket. As he walked away I thought, “no my dear boy you have only 2 lollipops, you’ll never see that Dad pocket lollipop ever again.”



Us at the end of the night. We made it through another Halloween season. Until next year!

Here is our entertaining romp through last year’s Halloween Holiday.

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  1. Leda says:

    Loved this! Adorei! Lindo!
    This pictures share moments full of joy…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wow! You look amazing!

  3. Kathie says:

    Fun posting! Love the zebra costume! I didn’t get one trick or treater!

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